Bastards Russian empresses

XVIII century came in the Russian history as the "age of empresses", five times, counting the regent Anna Leopoldovna, sat on the throne of the ladies. Of the rulers of this century, the best known of Peter's daughter Elizabeth I and her nephew's wife Catherine II. Their public affairs known to many, while their personal life has always been shrouded in mystery florom.

Bastards Russian empresses

between the two empresses - Elizabeth I and Catherine II - have much in common: not only a long and successful reign, but the curious fact that at the time when they were seated on a throne in a marriage never took place. However, the status of widows and unmarried girls did not interfere with either the first or second to have a stormy and eventful personal life and illegitimate children. But if the illegal offspring of Catherine II historians say with confidence, that the fate of the secret children Elizabeth still remains a mystery.

Princess Tarakanov Dosifeya or nun?

Bastards Russian empresses

Elizabeth and Alexei Razumovsky.

In 1774. Western European society is in no small confusion: in Venice showed up young lady, calling itself Princess Tarakanov and claimed that it was she - a legitimate heir to the Russian throne and daughter of Empress Elizabeth, who died 13 years ago. In Russian lady did not know how to speak, looks were more like Italian, but there were many people who believed her. The fact is that the rumors about the secret child of Elizabeth went before it voshestviya the throne. It was believed that the crown princess gave birth in the 1730s few children from Alexei Razumovsky, who, according to legend, was not just a favorite: in 1742 and in 1744, after becoming an empress, Elizabeth allegedly secretly got married to him. Why the secrecy? Because Razumovsky in origin does not fit the role of consort - he was the son of a simple Cossack. When and where the wedding took place, no one could say for sure.

Bastards Russian empresses

Princess Tarakanov, the daughter of the Empress Elizabeth.

It is also unknown how many children were Elizabeth and Alexei: their number is presumably from one to three, but most of his contemporaries referred to the son and daughter, the latter stubbornly called "Princess Tarakanov". But was there a lady, excited the European society, in fact, the daughter of Russian Empress? According to most historians, Tarakanov really was an adventuress, but the question of the existence of illegitimate daughter of Elizabeth is not removed.

There is another historical figure, much less known than Tarakanov, but no less mysterious: it Dosifeya nun, who died at the age of 64 years in 1810 in Moscow. She died in the Ivanovo Monastery, where she lived for the last 20 years of his life. Dosifeya lived in a separate room, almost no one talked to (especially during the reign of Catherine II, after the regime was relaxed).

Bastards Russian empresses

Tombstone nun Dosifeya. There is a theory that it was the very Dosifeya illegitimate daughter of Elizabeth, of which there were a many rumors, and that in the world had the name Augusta. This is indirectly confirmed by the following facts: the maintenance Dosifeya allocated large sums from the public treasury; Dosifeya never ate together with other nuns: during the meal her face might well consider.

After the death of Catherine II visited her a representative of the imperial family; Dosifej buried in the family vault of the Romanovs - the church of Roman Melodist. Unfortunately, after the opening of the grave is not its genetic examination of the remains was carried out, so that the truth we will likely never know.

Count Bobrinsky

Bastards Russian empresses

Grigory Orlov and Catherine II.

In 1770-ies. a list of Russian noble families added a new name: Count Bobrinsky. First Count Bobrinsky became 13-year-old boy named Alex. Neither as a boy nor in subsequent years it did not differ any special advantages, in addition origin: his mother was Catherine II, and father - recognized her favorite Count Orlov.

Since Alex was born in April 1762, when Peter III, Catherine's husband was still alive, he could formally be regarded as his son, but no one has ever had any illusions on this score. By the time of conception of the child, Peter and Catherine were husband and wife only on paper. Because immediately after the birth of Alexei handed over to the family garderobmeystera V. Shkurina, where he successfully grew to 13 years of age.

Bastards Russian empresses

Bobrinsky Alexei, the son of Catherine the Great.

Later, he was assigned another tutor - Betsky, who oversaw Alexei until adulthood. Life Count Bobrinsky there was bad (especially when compared to the proposed daughter Elizabeth): he studied in the Cadet Corps, traveled in his youth in Russia and Europe, successfully married, had four children and died already under Alexander the First. A race Bobrinskys continued until the twentieth century, and among the descendants of a secret son of the Empress was quite a lot of decent people - scientists, writers, travelers.

However Bobrinsky - is not the only secret the baby Catherine. At least, so it believed those who saw in the ward of another favorite - G. Potemkin - not ward and his illegitimate daughter and Empress. However, in the year of birth of Elizabeth Temkina - was the name of the girl - Catherine was already 45 years old. In addition, unlike Alexei Bobrinsky, she had never shown any interest in this child. Likely to Elizabeth was the daughter of Potemkin or one of his mistresses.