"The Love Potion, which will not pass sanepidemkontrol" or some muck trying to endear our extremely resourceful ancestors?

Certainly, each of us who are parents of a child from time to time read the stories, heard about all kinds of love potion potions and elixirs of love. If our readers yet suddenly there were people who grew up in the Internet age, who have no idea what kind of a strange glop, and why it boil, then explains.

If you believe all sorts of myths and legends, love potion - it's sort of a trouble-free passage into the heart of his beloved lover / beloved sweetheart, who acts on the girls better than the Lamborghini, and young people - it is better than a fourth the size of the breast.

Yes, and why so far. Even in our enlightened age 21, after watching "Battle of psychics," many naive housewife begin to sincerely believe that Gulya husband can return home omens, and "to attract into your life money," you can, pulling on his seat red shorts. Well, something we have digressed from the topic, let us return to our sheep.

In fact, all kinds of love potions, elixirs, and nastoechki priparochki were very common among our very resourceful and superstitious ancestors. That's just made it out of this stuff that sanepidemkontrol in the modern world are here wonder drug would clearly not have been. Do not believe me? Then take a deep breath, ready to hold back the gag reflex and read on at your own risk.

The love, passion and a little cannibalism

In the Middle Ages, when the love potions were especially popular, it existed a widespread view that that cherished brew worked as it should, it must include some "products of human origin." Most often in a bowler throwing powder abraded bone, pubic hair and poured menstrual blood, and it was believed that in order to maximize the effect would be good to use "biological samples" of both members of the future "happy unit of society."

In short, in the course of actively going all that now is called with a loud expression "biohazardous waste". And yes, in the most extreme cases it reached such a recipe that truly would be the envy even the Hannibal Lector. For example, one supposedly extremely powerful love potion prepared from a "bone marrow and spleen personally killed-virgin boys."

Worms, fire and bodily fluids drop of

has not lost its popularity and love potions in more recent times. For example, in the 17th century in Mexico trials of "witches" and "The Enchantress" took place regularly, are actively bodyazhili "love drug" homemade. A recipe from the charming meksikanok were, I must say, very specific.

I do not know whether this "lovely ladies" know anything about infectious diseases that are transmitted through bodily fluids, but the classic recipe for a Mexican love potion is a mixture of herbal decoction, milk, fried or crushed worms, as well as the main "ingredient" - seed / menstrual blood according to the sex "young chemist."

Urine and lizards

If judged by the degree of filth and nauseating love infusions, the Grand Prix here, of course, goes some Nigerian shamans and sorcerers, who invented a curious recipe in the best traditions of Dr. Malakhov. The main component of this potion, as you may have guessed from the previous proposal was "urine" and support - a lizard.

Scales lizard drowned in human urine mixed with nail clippings, powder of dried umbilical cord blood of a viper and hair sorcerer. Drink it all brew had to be hot while it is still boiling. By the way, what is most interesting, it was thought that if the break the "approved by GOST recipe", and instead of blood viper mix remains recessed in the urine of a lizard with wine, the effect will be opposite. But that's hardly the poor reptiles from it was even a little easier.

The only working recipe?

You know, all brilliant, it seems, is really simple. A striking example of this - the only "love drug" from our list, which seems to really have the most desired effect, and it was cooked mostly ancient inhabitants of India. What is the secret of such a curious, though a bit deadly nastoechki? It's simple. It was not a wax-cannibal gnomes or dried hymen Diana Shurygina or excrement ice dragon.

The ancient Indians simply treated intended target tincture of Datura stramonium. Needless to say, such a potion instantly send hapless lyubovnichka in a long and entertaining journey through the depths of his own subconscious, accompanied by vivid hallucinations, feeling "high" and increasing sexual desire. One problem: the calculation of dose in the Indian sorcerers and magicians were obvious problems, so it is very often the best in life for victims of sex "a love elixir" became at the same time and the last.