The parable of love for Valentine's Day

• The parable of love Valentine's Day

Once upon a time on Earth was an island where all the spiritual values ​​lived. But once they saw how the island began to go under water. All values ​​boarded their ships and sailed away. only love remains on the island. She waited until the last, but when the wait has become nothing, she also wanted to swim away from the island ...

The parable of love for Valentine's Day

Then she called Wealth and asked him to ship, but the richness of the answer: "On my ship a lot of jewelry and gold, for there is no place for you here."

When the ship sailed past the sadness, she asked to speak to her, but she told her: "Sorry, love, I'm so sad that I have to always be alone."

Then Love saw the ship Pride and asked her for help, but she said that would violate the harmony of Love on her ship. Near floated Joy, but she was so busy with the fun, he did not even hear the appeals of love.

Then Love absolutely desperate. But suddenly she heard a voice somewhere behind, "Come, Love, I will take you with me." Love turned around and saw an old man. He dovoz it to land, and when the old man floated, Love caught on, because she forgot to ask his name.

Then she turned to knowledge: - Tell me, Cognition, who saved me? Who was that old man? Cognition looked at love - it was time. - Time? - repeated Love. - But why does it save me? Cognition again looked at love, then off into the distance, where floated the elder: - Because only Time knows how important it is in life ... Love