How to survive the stress at work

• How to survive the stress at work

How to survive the stress at work

How to learn to save Buddhist calm right in the workplace? Psychologists call as much as 10 effective ways.

Pick up a certain food. Some foods help to calm and reduce stress in the workplace. This is especially true of fresh fruits and vegetables, chocolate or green tea.

Do not take everything seriously. Do not take everything to heart, because life is - this is a game!

Sports. Practice any light load or deep breathing exercises.

Meditate. Very good psychological effect give yoga and meditation.

Viewed funny videos. It is quite possible to spend 5-10 minutes working time every day to watch some funny videos. Listen to music. Quiet music enhance concentration, and the vast bursts of stress.

Think of a stressful situation with the future position. Evaluate their own actions in terms of how they are justified and that will bring you in the future.

Talk to your friends. Once the stress overpowers you, take up the phone and talk with a friend or girlfriend.

Drink a glass of water. Often, dehydration is the cause of discomfort in the body, which aggravates stress.

View photos of lions and dogs. Yes, this is no joke. Heartwarming photos of pets greatly reduce stress levels.