It is important to iodine

Iodine is extremely important for health, but know this is not all. Without iodine people suffer from defects in the body's development, and they have problems with metabolism.

It is important to iodine

Iodine - the main component of thyroid hormones, which regulate our metabolism.

Not getting the proper amount of iodine, people suffer from serious defects in development, but most of us do not know how much we should consume iodine and where he comes from.

A study conducted by Margaret Rayman, and the University of Surrey, indicates a lack of iodine in the current "healthy" diets, primarily vegan, posing a threat of iodine deficiency in pregnant women.

It is important to iodine

The presence of iodine in the diet of pregnant women is extremely important

for the development of a child's brain

Why do we need iodine?

Iodine - the main component of thyroid hormones, which play a key role in human development, metabolism and brain development, especially for the fetus in the womb.

Iodine deficiency is easily prevented, and, nevertheless, he remains the leading preventable cause of learning disabilities in children worldwide. Margaret Rayman, professor

"If the body of a pregnant woman is not enough iodine, their children will be unable to learn or with signs of congenital hypothyroidism, which dominates the inhibition of the body's functions. This is something that throughout history called cretinism ", - added the professor.

Originally, the word "nerd" refers to people living with this syndrome in the Alps, where historically there is a lack of iodine. It was there in the past, there is a lot of people suffering from goitre - a marked increase in the thyroid gland in the neck.

"Now we know that this is a clear symptom of a lack of iodine in the body, in which the thyroid gland increases in size in an attempt to get as much iodine from the blood" - said Professor Rayman.

The danger of "healthy" diets

It is important to iodine

Dairy products are rich in iodine

Perhaps the best source of iodine among the products - fish with white meat and eggs.

In most countries, it is also added iodine to table salt.

In many countries, such as in the UK, iodine is also found in milk and dairy products, as it is added to animal feed.

But in developed countries, again there is a problem of iodine deficiency - this time not because of the lack of it in ordinary food, but because people deliberately avoid the use of these products.

This decision, which most vegetarians and almost all vegans who avoid animal products, are taking on a daily basis.

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health recently collected and analyzed data on the various population groups of all ages and both sexes, including for pregnant women.

Among these people were both vegetarians and vegans. It was found that vegans especially high risk of iodine deficiency.

Reiman professor also refers to cases where pregnant women, vegans appear goiter, and have their babies there was a decrease in thyroid function.

The long-term effect of

It is important to iodine

Iodine deficiency can lead to long-term problems in child development

Reiman professor also studied biological samples obtained from 14 000 pregnant women in the west of England in the 1990s, and then trace the development of their children in later years.

Together with his colleague, Dr. Sarah Bat she considered all the available data about these children, paying particular attention to how well they learn to read, and their IQ.

Dr. Bath has found that children born to mothers with iodine deficiency, a high risk to eight years to begin to have trouble with the expression of their thoughts aloud, and to nine years it harder to read and understand written.

The researchers also found that the more pronounced iodine deficiency in the mother, the greater the difficulty in the development of their children suffer.

But the amazing thing was that this effect was present despite the fact that these mothers was observed only relatively minor iodine deficiency.

Where does the iodine?

It is important to iodine

In most countries iodine is added to the production of table salt

| Source: Jason Tuinstra / CC0

The main source of iodine - the seas and oceans.

The road from the sea to the land of iodine challenging ions rise in atmsoferu, then from the rain clouds come to a land absorbed by plants and herbivores, and after all this, come to us for food.

But the rain clouds that formed over the sea, do not always reach distant regions of the sea. Accordingly, in those places where people in the past depended largely on local products, there have been problems caused by iodine deficiency. This is what happened in the Alps, in the remote mountain areas of Pakistan, in many regions of Russia, Central Asia and parts of Africa.

It is important to iodine

In staying away from the sea, the mountain areas of Pakistan

residents are experiencing problems due to lack of iodine

Also affected the regions regularly subject to flooding, such as Bangladesh, as the outgoing streams after the flood washed away from the soil iodine.

How much iodine does a person need?

Women should take 150 to 300 micrograms of iodine per day, and men - 150 micrograms.

But the level of iodine in food is not stable and is difficult to calculate exactly how much of this substance you have taken.

In fatty fish less iodine than the fish with white meat. In winter, the milk more iodine than in summer as in winter the cattle are fed with the addition of iodine, and in the summer the animals graze on grass.

It is best to observe the varied diet and avoid entire food groups such as meat, milk or fish, if they do not advise you to do the doctor.