"Thank you, Lord, for the blue pill!", Or as a man "raised their morale," until the "Viagra"?

Impotence - it's such a nasty thing, which in polite society as it is not accepted to speak, especially since the invention of the most magical "blue pills", which in most cases can successfully and solve almost all the sensitive issues of intimate character without fanfare . Only here there is a catch.

The same "Viagra" has been certified and has appeared on the market only in 1998, the year, and to deal with treacherous falling at the wrong time "fighting spirit" strong half of humanity from time to time had yet ever since our distant ancestors came to the conclusion that walk on two legs - it's not such a bad idea.

And we must pay tribute, they found ways to do very, very unusual. You want to know what? Excellent, because that is what we are about them and told our inquisitive readers in today's article.

"Crocodile Gena does not approve of"

Let's start just too far away, or rather to ancient Egypt, whose people firmly believed that male impotence - is not nothing but a cunning tricks of evil demonic forces. Any idea on how to remove the curse? No? Lord, where is your logic, it's obvious!

You only need to catch a young crocodile in the river, his heart cut, grind and rub in the same body, which does not want to slazit with a mark of six in the evening. Quite simply, the main thing is only that after meeting with the young crocodile was still where rubbed miraculous magic potion.

"Everything is as Malakhov doctor ordered!"

Yes, you will not believe, but he is not alone! Use "healing urine" for health purposes guessed the ancient oriental doctors about the second century BC. In particular, they believed that taking his own "golden rain" inside help get rid of impotence, and generally improve the body. Of course, nothing good except for infections of the oral cavity such treatment has not brought anyone, but if you are in doubt, you can try. As they say, guys, "This is the norm!".

Candles with radium

After scientists discovered radium in 1898, many people sincerely believe in that magic panacea for all ills, finally, was in their hands. Ladies drank radioactive vodichku to lose weight, while the gentlemen muchivshiesya problems "on the lower front," went a little further and introduced himself radioactive radium candle in the anus. The fact that this happened, we are ethical reasons, perhaps to tactfully keep silent.

"become a kid ..."

In 1917, a brilliant swindler named John Brinkley bought a fake medical degree and went to treat people from any illnesses and ailments. When one farmer from Kansas complained to our good doctor that he had recently something "knocks hose", and it feels a little bit flawed, watching some sexually active are the goats on his farm, near Brinkley the time is ripe just a great idea.

In general, if somebody has not guessed yet, then explains. Our medical genius transplanted hapless farmer testicles that same goat, which he so envied. About what kind of trash from the whole operation turned out really, and remained there after such treatment, the farmer in his pants anything, history is silent.

However, the questionable success of the procedure did not prevent Brinkley tell the world that 9 months after transplanting the testicles of the farmer's wife gave birth to a wonderful baby, and then run the appropriate advertising radio, which immediately brought him to the operating room crowd burning enthusiastic patients.

"Poison me, doctor!"

In the early twentieth century, some doctors in all seriousness prescribed for men suffering from impotence, strychnine, that is the most famous rat poison. No, the reasons for this somewhat questionable from a medical point of view, the decision was not "finish him, so that he did not suffer." In those days doctors were really believe that taking rat poison inside help. They noted that patients to whom such kind of treatment was administered, "there were some improvements, but, eventually, their condition is deteriorating, and some suddenly died" (I wonder why would it?).

Something very very strange

Everyone has probably heard the horror stories about how the lads in the nineties are knocked out of indebted money using a soldering iron or a banal electric kettle somewhat different purpose. So, what you see in the picture above, it is not an innovative tool of modern collectors and sex toy for a hard BDSM.

The infernal machine called "prostate heater", invented it in the early twentieth century as a revolutionary method of impotence treatment. The principle is simple. One end is inserted into the socket and the other end is inserted into ... well, that's obvious. Then all this beauty is heated and "miracle has a stimulating effect on the prostate and pelvic organs as a whole." And yes, this thing really bought and used according to instructions.