With whom was in love "bloody landowner" Daria Saltykov

According to some data, the number of victims Darya Saltykova was more than 130 people. The final sentence landowner called "tormentor and dushegubitsey", "monster of the human race." Yet life was Saltychikha man she so coveted that was ready to go on the offense.

With whom was in love

From demure to Tirana

Daria came from an old noble family, her grandfather was 16 thousand souls - male farmers, and he was considered one of the richest landowners of the time. Daria was married early. For Gleb Saltykov, an officer of the Life Guards Regiment. They say that he married her only for the sake Gleb generous dowry. Besides him, the girl had nothing to boast: an unpleasant face, pale and thin, Daria did not meet the standards of beauty.

With whom was in love

A few years later, Gleb died, leaving a young widow with two sons. Daria was still in his prime, and the money, so that she could easily find a new husband.

Here are just a groom, to whom heard rumors about its cruelty, preferred to stay away from a rich home.

Average irritation that Saltychikha feels towards his servants, has grown into insanity. She lashed with rods servants, beat everything that comes to hand, boiling water could splash in the face or burn the ears curling iron.

In doing so, Saltykov men treated with more care - for some reason they did not cause her such hostility. Only briefly interrupted Saltychikha his fierce passion - when in love.

A meeting in the forest

Once Saltykov, as was his habit, hunting in the woods and suddenly heard gunshots. So, someone dared to invade her land! This surprised and angered her at the same time. Few neighbors dared to trespass cruel landowner.

Intruder was a young nobleman, the engineer Nikolai Andreyevich Tiutchev, future grandfather of the poet. He is not from malice drove into someone else's territory. Nikolai Adreevich doing land survey and topographic survey of the area conducted south of Moscow. Tiutchev was well educated, diplomatic (required by his job), but it is very rich. Yes, and the service did not succeed - has served only to second major.

With whom was in love

Saltychikha told his peasants twist it, and deliver it to the estate. We can only guess what a shock experienced Tiutchev, when it apologized profusely, forcibly dragged to the landowner's house.

The humiliating captivity

Tiutchev turned prisoner Darya Saltykova. According to one version, he was immediately thrown into the cellar and kept there without food for a few days, on the other - immediately sent to the room Saltychikha.

The lady, not knowing other manners threatened Tiutchev and showered him with insults. She tried to hit him, but suddenly received a rebuff. And calm down. Tiutchev with such force struck the woman, that she fell. But that is not scared, even on the contrary.

With whom was in love

So Tiutchev becomes the lover Saltychikha. Not for long, however. According to rumors, by the time Daria Saltykov had athletic build, rough male voice and generally repulsive appearance.

Marriage Panyutin with

This novel could not last long. But only Tiutchev planned escape, Saltykov got wind of it and told him to lock him in a damp cellar, "wolf pogrebnitse". Fortunately, the risk is, the man released the girl yard.

On the eve of Lent 1762 Captain Tyutchev woo the neighbor Pelagia Panyutin. One can only imagine how this news was offended Saltychikha.

Her wealthy landowner, he preferred the homely girl with twenty serfs, and even parental home in the village of Ovstug in the Bryansk district. It would be understandable if he were himself a wealthy nobleman, but most of Nikolai Andreyevich was 160 souls.

Saltychikha was furious and determined to take revenge.

With whom was in love

have purposed it to blow up a Moscow house Panyutin. The groom Saltychikha bought five pounds of powder, mix it with gray and wrapped in hemp. He had to tuck it an explosive device under the eaves, and set fire to the house, "To the aforesaid captain Tiutchev, and with the bride in the house burned down." Fortunately, the second groom Roman Ivanov, who was supposed to carry out the last part of the plan, refused to take a sin.

Saltychikha severely punished disobeyed slave, but changed her mind.

When Panyutin and Tiutchev went to their county, their path led past the estates Saltychikha. She told her yard to meet them with guns and clubs, but someone warned the young about the risks they face. Tiutchev filed a petition and asked for himself and his young wife convoy. Soon, a few farmers could submit a petition personally Ekaterina II, and then began a long trial, which led Saltychikha in prison.

The ancestors of the poet

A captain Tiutchev in April 1762 married Pelagia Panyutin. He had a wife, apparently, extraordinary economic powers, because after 25 years Tyutchevs multiplied his fortune by 15 times. In Ovstug great manor house was built, a park with ponds.

For he loved the young engineer bloody landowner - is unknown.

One of the famous biography of the poet Vladimir Kozhinov wrote that, according to ovstugskih peasants, future grandfather of the poet, "indulged in wild antics. He ryadilsya in the chieftain and his gang also robbed merchants mummers yards per pass near Ovstug great trade route. "

However, many felt such speculation absurd and devoid of any foundation.