"All have the property vlyapyvatsya in trouble," or as some representatives of the weaker sex put behind bars, and then escaped from prison. Part 1

We always hear about how many managed some incredible way to escape from prison, but, in general, these achievements are attributed to men. And what about women? Yes, those of the fair sex, too, at times successfully escapes. The methods they used, vary depending on whether they were in a situation, and, in fact, what they were behind bars.

Some escape to resort to the help of outsiders, others simply ran in the right moment. Some women fled due to abuse by guards, while others were eager to freedom for the sake of a loved one. Motives shoots different, and that's about it today and we will tell you in this article.

Deborah Gavin

In 1974, Deborah Gavin fled from female correctional facility in Baldwin County, Georgia. Gavin was serving a sentence after having been convicted of armed robbery. She successfully escapes from prison, but it is always on time detained by police. Exactly before one moment. After one escape, she moved to Frankston, Texas, where she married, had two children and worked as a nurse. She changed her name to Murphy. 33 years after his escape from the prison authorities knew where she lived, and arrested her. Gavin claimed that she escaped from prison because the prisoners were subjected to sexual harassment and violence by guards.

The prison became the center of a sex scandal in the 1990s, and many lawsuits have been filed against the correctional facility. Many women of the place stated that the guards forced prisoners to sleep with them. In 1993, all the women were taken away, and the subject has been transformed into a male prison. After Gavin told why she had to escape, many people began to write letters to the governor of the state of Georgia, demanding that Deborah was left alone, and she stayed in her native Texas. Many of them even wrote to the Governor of Texas asking for help to prevent the extradition of Gavin. The media also did not remain aloof from this event and actively spread the story of Deborah in all news media. Ultimately, the government still has not given the green light to the extradition of a woman and her old case was closed.

Margaret B. Smith

In 1974, Margaret B. Smith was convicted of petty fraud, a woman has written bad checks totaling $ 200. She was sentenced to four years in prison for women in Raleigh, North Carolina, but spent the last few months in the county jail Robeson County, before escaping. She claimed that during her visit she told the seven-year daughter is very sad news about her family, and she decided to escape, to protect my baby. She still has not told me that when her daughter told her that actually forced Margaret to escape. After escaping, she briefly moved to Florida and changed her last name to Valeus. Later she returned to Fayetteville in order to be with his family. In 2015, the FBI found it and decided to again put under arrest. Its capture was the result of joint efforts of the FBI and the North Carolina Department of Public Safety to locate and recover the prisoners.

"Squeaky" Fromme

Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme was one of the most trusted accomplice of Charles Manson, and was part of his "family". Manson and accomplices of his crimes have been arrested for several murders in 1969, but Fromm did not participate in the killings, and it is not planted. It has provided all possible support to Manson during his trial and even picketed outside the courthouse. Soon, when he was sentenced, Manson began to transfer from one prison to another, and Fromm, meanwhile, constantly went after him.

In 1975, she directed a loaded gun at President Gerald Ford in Sacramento. She was convicted of attempted murder and was sentenced to life imprisonment. In 1987, she successfully escaped from prison in West Virginia, and tried to meet with Charles Manson when she heard that he had been diagnosed with cancer. Eventually, she was caught and put in jail until 2009. After she was released, because she got a parole for good behavior.

"The Amazing Five"

In 1984, five women managed to escape from a correctional facility in Connecticut. They were able to squeeze between the steel bars on the window. It was the only state prison for women in the state, and it has a mild regime of detention. Along the perimeter of the prison complex was not even a fence, and the institution itself resembles nothing more penal colony, and the campus. Women magically able to escape from the chambers despite the fact that the windows were strong lattice, the distance between them was of 19 7 centimeters. The prison did not realize that the woman escaped to until about an hour after they were last seen, the officers failed to carry out checks in their cells.