Happy discoveries of old safes

Happy discoveries of old safes

has been found in the safe ...

Treasure hunt even in the novels captures the imagination. Many dreamed of finding a purse on the street or the treasure in his house. And recently, "Gold Rush" has gone in a completely different direction - to find old locked safe, open it and, if lucky, get rich. Of course, luck is not smiling at all, but still interesting findings do happen.

1. Gold coins

Happy discoveries of old safes

are found in the safe: gold coins.

At first glance, it sounds like a strange story of a detective film, but it really happened like that. There was a scrap dealer mechanic, who before being melted decided to open his safe. Inside were found silver coins and gold Krugerrand worth about 2, 5 million. Dollars. On the safe once hung a new castle and handed him over to the police, to ensure that the coins will have the rightful owner, because the amount was serious.

It turns out that there was a safe in the garage of the deceased man, who collected coins for many years. His family provided a safe friend, so he opened it by checking whether inside anything of value. But a friend just sold the safe directly, without trying to open it. In the end, the police were able to track down family and return them to their father's coin collection.

2. The lost manuscript of Mozart

Happy discoveries of old safes

are found in the safe: the lost manuscript of Mozart.

When in the early 1990s, accountants cleared the long-term "debris" in the old Baptist seminary, they saw an old safe. All were shocked when they found inside the original classic musical manuscripts, which were considered lost, and that two of them belonged to Mozart ( "Fantasia in C Minor" K. 475 and "Sonata in C Minor", K. 475). Manuscripts of Johann Strauss were found, Franz Joseph Haydn and others. After much research, it was discovered that the manuscripts were handed over to the seminary years ago, together with a large sum of money to assist in the construction of the building Seminary. Finances have been used for the construction, and the manuscript had been locked since the safe. They were sold at auction more than a million dollars.

3. The younger brother of

Happy discoveries of old safes

detected in the safe: the younger brother.

One family was vacationing in a hotel in Niagara Falls, and the wife and her husband had gone away for a walk, leaving one of their older children alone with a small child, thinking that nothing bad will happen. Children without parents began to play hide and seek. The room was a safe deposit box, but he did not need a married couple, so he just stood there open. A small child got in the safe, and then he somehow locked.

The newspapers did not go into details as to how this happened. It is unclear whether the oldest child decided to lock his brother as a joke, and then panicked when he could not pull it out, or if it really was an accident. In any case, the child is held in a vault under an hour, and after his release, the family quickly packed up and left.

4. Golden nugget

Happy discoveries of old safes

was detected in the safe: a gold nugget.

One professional "cracker" Safe warned that the chances of finding something in an old safe minimum. He constantly opens them for people to order, but almost always there is nothing inside. However, his business is booming, as in recent years around the world, a host of people who are trying to buy the old boxes, and then either open it or take the help of a professional to get rich overnight.

However, the safes are not always empty. Burglar recalls how once he opened the safe for the prospector, who brought him to Alaska, and actually found inside a large gold nugget.

5. An eerie note

Happy discoveries of old safes

was detected in the safe: a terrible note.

Reddit user named Lmbrjack published a story complete with pictures (which were subsequently removed), claiming that he had found something very strange in her new home. According to him, he found a strange space under the floor, which was well soundproofed and it was safe. On opening it, he found inside scrawled in the dust of the word "no, no, no" and a piece of paper with huge words "save yourself" and drops of ink.

Reddit user claims that he told this to the police, and they forced him to give them all the evidence and remove most of the post to Reddit. Some people are quite skeptical about the story and said that they knew about this house, which was once a den of drug addicts. Apparently, the truth, no one knows.

6. Photos of Ted Bundy

Happy discoveries of old safes

been found in the safe: 40-year-old photograph of Ted Bundy.

In 2017 in Colorado we made a very strange and unexpected discovery. Employees in the newspaper office used the old large safe for decades as a table. Finally, an interesting mechanic offered to open the safe for free, to see what it is for decades.

Inside the safe were found cash and some documents, but the most important discovery was a photo of a serial killer and rapist Ted Bundy made before his execution in 1977. Photos incredibly scary, because they illustrate that Bundy was a vicious maniac. Pictures are well preserved, since only negatives were safe and well they are preserved in a dark, dry atmosphere.

7. suffocated people

Happy discoveries of old safes

was detected in the safe man from choking in their own Munitions. Safes for weapons is not particularly large, but it is necessary to be careful with them. Firstly, they need to be kept closed so the children can not get to the firearms. And sometimes there are fatal accidents. One man was found trapped in his own weapon cases after authorities reported him missing.

After opening was made quite obvious conclusion - the man died from lack of oxygen. Dead man in the body of a lot of drugs have also been found, and the police has not been able to figure out how and why he was locked inside the cabinet.

8. Marijuana, heroin, crack

Happy discoveries of old safes

been found in the safe: marijuana, heroin, crack.

Most people use their safe deposit boxes, but they usually do it at home. However, one man has decided that he has a new use for the safe and he was having incredible problems. Police stopped him as he was driving in the car, and after questioning he admitted that he had smoked marijuana recently.

Police searched the car and was discouraged, finding it locked safe. Once safe opened, found within 24, 6 g of the crack, 1, 4 and 19 grams of heroin, 3 g of marijuana. The owner immediately went to jail.

9. A diamond ring and a crystal sword

Happy discoveries of old safes

been found in the safe: a diamond ring and a crystal sword.

The woman bought a safe to store their valuables, but then decided that he was too small and need to replace it with a higher surcharge. She told her son about it, and the next day drove a safe back to the store, returning with a larger safe. 4 months later the woman suddenly discovered that she had lost a diamond ring, invaluable for her crystal sword and several other valuable items. After much deliberation, the woman suggested that the value could be returned to the store safe. She rushed into the store, and now the miracle happened. The very small safe was still on the shelf, despite the fact that all other safes of the same model sold out in 4 months.

10. Playful teenager

Happy discoveries of old safes

was detected in the safe: a playful teenager.

As mentioned earlier, people should carefully monitor their gun safes. Children and adolescents tend to be reckless and learn from their mistakes, so they have all sorts of things that can be very dangerous. For example, some teenagers in Oregon playing with one of their gun safes of their parents, and one girl told the others that can fit inside. She climbed into the safe, and the other slammed the door behind her.

But it turned out that the children do not know the code, and after the introduction of too many incorrect attempts, the safe door is locked. They called firefighters who cut a hole in the back of the safe to provide air access to the girls. As soon as firefighters finished work finally came to the girl's father and entered the correct code.


Happy discoveries of old safes

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