How to survive in extreme situations

How to survive in extreme situations

5 survival life hacking, which is good to know everyone.

Life is very unpredictable and you never know what situation you can be tomorrow or next year. In some critical situations could save the lives of the knowledge of how to behave so as not to exacerbate the problem. This article will tell you about five unusual "life hacking", which will help to survive in extreme conditions.

1. How to get out of the quicksand of

How to survive in extreme situations

and even out of the quicksand can get.

In fact, quicksand and even dangerous to humans and animals, but not as dramatic in practice as it is reproduced in Hollywood films. Likely to drown in them is not much, if the story itself correctly. The only thing that needs to be done - it is panicking and floundering, the more movements - the stronger will "suck". Caught in quicksand - stretch your legs carefully and slowly to the surface and lie down "star". Then you need to "reservoir" to move to a solid surface.

2. What if buried alive

How to survive in extreme situations

Back from the dead.

A lot of people are afraid to be buried alive, but no matter how hopeless the situation did not seem - a chance to get out of the terrible imprisonment there. First, again, no panic - the oxygen reserves are limited to about three hours, so time to eat. First you need to remove the shirt and tie with the face of the head to fasten the process of entering into smaller splinters and protection against dirt. Then you need to start knocking out the feet of the coffin lid until it snaps - the land starts to crumble - it should be put around the legs. After that you need to take a sitting position, and not to cease rowing down the ground. Thus it is possible to get out. Another option for those who are afraid of being buried alive - will the put in the coffin of a fully charged but off the mobile phone. By the way, so now "fashionable" to do in America.

3. Where and how to look for water in the forest or desert

How to survive in extreme situations

How to survive in the wilderness and in the forest.

And here we must be attentive - the presence of any plant, especially large, said that somewhere very near, underground water source is located. This is also evidenced by the wet sand. Spotted it - begin the excavations, and most likely you will be lucky at a depth of 30 centimeters What else should pay attention, because this insect - there are many chances that they move in the direction of the location of water.

4. How to act during aftershocks

How to survive in extreme situations

If everything shakes around.

During such emergency is better rendered as far as possible from LEPa. Experience shows that with a high probability at this time people are in the building. And if you are in the majority - then the first thing you need to find a safe place. Places near load-bearing walls are considered some of the safest (better to know in advance what the walls in your home carrier). You can sit in the bath, then, if they fall, the concrete slab, bath board will keep it.

Good location - a hard, stable surface that can hold at falling heavy objects - under a table or bed. The main danger during such emergency emanates from the walls, which can collapse, chandeliers and ceilings. Therefore, the best sides of weighty objects and windows, and certainly not to appear on the balcony.

5. What to do if a bear attack

How to survive in extreme situations

to save the bear.

The best way to survive the encounter with a bear - avoid this meeting at all! The fact that pretending to be dead, you can avoid the attack - a myth. And there are enough stories of real people who have to prove it. This means that, finding himself in the forest, where it is possible to come across clumsy, to behave as much as possible noisier - scream, shout, break branches, and if there is a possibility - whistle. Fine, if in possession of pepper spray will (it is better to take with you). Then, most likely, and if the animal will be somewhere nearby, then their own retreats.