Cast of "The Matrix" then and now

Believe it or not, but since the release of the first film in theaters sisters (while the brothers) Wachowski took 19 years. The picture turned the world, not only the majority of adolescents and adults (including ours), but also caused a resonance around the world, causes a stir in the minds of the best philosophers, who rushed to write scientific articles about its allegorical sense.

19 years later and after another two "Matrix" movies are favorite creations of cinema people of that generation.

Cast of Cast of

Carrie-Anne Moss - Trinity

Before filming in the "Matrix" Moss it was not particularly well-known actress, but after the picture has become a star. She appeared in the movies "Remember", "Chocolate", "Disturbia," "Unthinkable", "Pompeii". At the moment, she acted in the TV series "Jessica Jones."

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Keanu Reeves - Neo / Thomas Anderson

After "The Matrix," Reeves earned critical acclaim, starring in the franchise about John Wick, the movie "Constantine", "A Scanner Darkly," "The Lake House," "Street Kings" and "The Day the Earth Stood Still." Also, he made his directorial debut in 2013 - "Man of Tai Chi". In 2011 Reeves together with artist Alexandra Grant published a book "Ode to Happiness".

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Laurence Fishburne - Morpheus

Before performing the role of Morpheus Fishburne has already held an actor, and after "The Matrix", his career took off. He starred in the cult series "C.S.I .: Crime Scene Investigation," the film "Predators", "Infection" and reunited with Keanu Reeves in the second film about John Wick.

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Hugo Weaving - Agent Smith

After villain Agent Smith Weaving began to appear in a Hollywood blockbuster. His next big role was Elrond in the trilogy "Lord of the Rings," and then in "The Hobbit". Again I worked with the Wachowski films "V - for Vendetta" and "Cloud Atlas". In addition, he voiced Megatron in the film "Transformers", Penguin Noah in "Happy Feet" and Grimble in "Legends of the Night Watch."

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Joe Pantoliano - Cypher

She starred in the movies "Remember," "Bad Boys 2," "Eighth feeling". She founded a non-profit charitable organization, and has written two books on the fight against depression.

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Marcus Chong - Tank

After the success of the first film of the trilogy Chong was on to play the role of Tank, but talks on further cooperation failed - presumably, the parties have not agreed on the fee. The actor sued the studio, but was arrested in 2000. Since then, he has had a couple of roles in the television series "Law and Order", "4isla" and "Black Label".

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Paul Goddard - Agent Brown

The most notable work since "The Matrix" was the series "Farscape."

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Robert Taylor - Agent Jones

Since 1999, he starred in "Vertical Limit" and the TV series "Longmire".

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Julian Arahanga - Rev.

After shooting in the "Matrix" Arahanga decided to focus on the career of the director. He founded his own production company Awa Films.

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Belinda McClory - Switch

She continued her acting career, starring in the movie "All Saints" series "Kate and Kim" and "Dr. Blake." Also he began to play on the stage.

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Anthony Ray Parker - Dozer

After playing Dozer starred "Marine" in the movies, "Resolve" and the TV series "Spartacus: War of the Damned."

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Matt Doran - Mouse

Doran you probably still remember for his role as Alan Slizibaggano in the film "Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones." Also the actor starred in the films "Battle of the Damned" and "The Great Raid".

Cast of

Rowan Witt - a boy with a spoon

After shooting in the "Matrix" Witt appeared in the television series "Home and Away" and "Escape Artful Dodger". Starred in musical productions in Australia, "The farther into the forest," and "Book of Mormon".

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Gloria Foster - The Oracle

The actress died of diabetes in 2001 while filming the second "Matrix". Her acting debut on stage, and in 1964 it first appeared on the big screen. Worldwide fame she brought the role of prophetess Pythia.