4 stories of children being confused in the hospital

Perhaps the fear of every mother is sitting in the depths of the soul that will carry her baby, but instead will bring someone else. And she can not recognize the error.

4 stories of children being confused in the hospital

The substitution was found out through a

12 years

Yuliya Belyaeva from Kopeysk got to the hospital, when she was only nineteen. The year before she married Alexis, and the couple decided not to delay the child.

In the hospital, Julia met a girl Lena with the same gestational age as her. Even began to give birth almost simultaneously - daughter Julia was born after 15 minutes. Julia believes that the children confused when two young mums fell asleep from exhaustion.

When the IRA, so called daughter Julia, grew up, it became apparent that she had very dark hair. Julia to write off all on heredity from her husband. Marital happiness did not last long. Alex went to prison, and during one of his visits, said he did not believe that the IRA - his daughter. In 2007, the couple divorced, but Alex refused to pay child support someone else's child. He demanded of the DNA tests, and Julia agreed. Here and it turns out that the IRA is not a biological daughter Julia.

The second girl - Anne - was found. It turned out she was living with her father Naimatom. They lived only a few miles from her own home!

4 stories of children being confused in the hospital

Julia recalls his first meeting with the biological daughter: "I could not stand it and came earlier than we agreed. Anna went into the hall and said hello. She was like a little copy of me twelve. It could just be my daughter. Now I bit her lip, looking at her, and tried to hold back, not to grab her and run away as fast as you can. I was with her for three hours, and when I came back, I felt that my legs do not hold the voltage. " Naimat originally from Tajikistan, he married Lena when she was only 16. He had, he said, there was not a shadow of suspicion of treason. "She was as white as sugar and the same beautiful, like her mother." Later Naimat divorced Lena, and her daughter stayed with him.

Of course, Anna and Ira were shocked to learn that they have changed, but their families refuse to leave. Anna brought up in the strict Muslim customs, and sometimes girls barely understand each other.

"The Best of Both Worlds"

It seems that it is impossible to confuse children when one day give birth to only two women, but that is what happened with Sandy Dawkins and Megs Parker from South Africa. After 18 months as a result of the DNA test, doctors found the mistake. Children confused.

4 stories of children being confused in the hospital

At that point, both the mother already breastfeeding established and attached to the children. Sandy called the son of Robin and Megs - Gavin. Mother made a tough decision to leave the children, but to allow them to communicate. The boys grew up like brothers, until they turned 15. Then Megs persuaded Robin, his biological son move in with her and Gavin. Sandy's heart was broken, she lost contact with the boy, who is now 23 years.

Megs also admitted that "get the best of both worlds."

The Prince and the Pauper

Japanese, born to wealthy parents, grew up in poverty due to the fact that he was mixed up in the hospital. This happened sixty years ago. The child, who took his place, he lived a life of luxury, he studied in the best universities, and today is the owner of one of the major Japanese companies. 60-year-old man, who declined to give his name, lived in a tiny allowance after his death, the "father". He was only two years. The woman he thought was his mother, was brought up three other older children.

As he grew older, he studied at night school and worked in a factory during the day. Later, he was lucky to find a job as a taxi driver. He never married and all life helped the three men, who were not even his real brothers.

Meanwhile, the second child born 13 minutes later the Tokyo Hospital San Ikukay grew in abundance and love. Questions arose when he found that is totally different from his brothers. DNA text confirmed his fears.

The court awarded "beggar" $ 374,000. Biological parents "poor" by that time had already died. "Technically," he is the eldest son of the family that calls into question the place of the "Prince" as the head of the company.

is true in 40 years

40 years ago in the Perm region in the light almost simultaneously mothers Rima Shvetsova and Julia Savelevoj were two girls.

Rima called her daughter Veronica, and his Julia - Tanya. Veronica grew light and blue-eyed, and her husband often put his wife in a reproach that the girl does not like him. Yes, and Rima had doubts: the daughter did not look like her appearance as well as character. In the end, Rima came to the former neighbor in the ward, and said firmly that educates her daughter. DNA examination at that time was not carried out, so that no evidence of Rima could not provide. She often quarreled with her husband because of my daughter, in the end the couple divorced. Profit, however, has two children.

In Julia also had no doubt that her daughter Tanya.

The truth was revealed only a year ago. Tatiana has his own family and children. Rima told Veronica that she is not her own. DNA examination confirmed the fears.

"The thought that everything could be true, the earth went from under my feet. I cried for several days, survived thanks to the children who comforted me, "- said Tatiana.

Now Rimma and Julia are going to sue the Perm Krai Ministry of Health, Ministry of Health, the Government of the Perm region and Pozhvinskuyu local hospitals.