Inventions that are ahead of their time

Inventions that are ahead of their time

Being an inventor is not so simple. It happens that the inventor visited a great idea, but it is so unusual that the others can not appreciate it. Sometimes invention ahead of their time, and so are unappreciated.

Below we talk about the inventions that are ahead of their time and were recognized only many years later.

Inventions that are ahead of their time

1. Armored tank Leonardo da Vinci

Tank Renaissance, considered the main prototype of modern tanks, had to be built out of wood and metal parts. The mechanism by which motion was carried out consisted of wheels, gear wheels and handles.

The tank had to be moved by the crew of muscle power, presumably in one of eight people. Along the perimeter of the construction had to be located gun. At the top it was to be erected an observation tower.

The tank was supposed to be so high that the inside had to be installed ladder. Tank Leonardo da Vinci - one of the inventions of the great Italian inventor, artist and scientist Leonardo da Vinci.

Eight people have been protected from the outer shell of the battle, so they could deliver on foot of the "hedgehog" right in the thick of the battle, without being wounded.

Firing weapons in all directions from the armored tank could be deadly to the opponent group.

2. Car Ferdinand Verbiest, 1672

Inventions that are ahead of their time

Ferdinand Verbiest described his typewriter in his book "AstronomiaEuropea". Verbiest worked as a diplomat, cartographer and interpreter, as he spoke in Latin, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and Hebrew. He wrote more than thirty books. Verbiest worked out, according to some claims, the world's first self-propelled vehicle - the prototype of the first car.

In 1672, he designed a toy for the Chinese Emperor. It was a self-propelled carriage with a steam drive.

It was only 65 cm long and is therefore not intended for transportation of passengers or the driver.

In the spherical boiler steam is formed, from which the blade was directed to the steam turbine drives the rear wheels.

3. Moving font Bi Sheng, XI century

Inventions that are ahead of their time

Bi Sheng first in the history of mankind invented and put into practice with the help of mobile printing font.

Chinese mobile font innovator was made of clay in Jen-tsung reign, the fourth Emperor of the Song Dynasty.

Bi Sheng was a man of humble origin, so much the details of his life has been preserved. His method was as follows: the master took a viscous clay and cut it in hieroglyphs - as thin as a coin edge. Each symbol represents a separate seal. Then he burned the characters on the fire, to give them firmness.

Prior to that prepared Sheng Bi metal plate and covered it with a mixture of pine resin, wax and a paper ash.

When Bi Sheng had to print something, he took an iron frame, put it on a metal plate and frame installed clay seal with the image of characters, next to each other.

When the frame is filled with receiving a single stable unit seals. Then, the inventor of the heat it, and when the paste melts slightly, he took a smooth board and pressed it to the surface of the block, causing him to become smooth like a whetstone.

4. The contact lens of Rene Descartes, 1636

Inventions that are ahead of their time

René Descartes proposed for vision correction use a small tube, one end of which is inserted into the lens.

Inside it filled with water, which was supposed to be a medium between the lens and the cornea.

In 1801, Thomas Young had made the idea of ​​Rene Descartes in life.

However, prototypes of the lenses, which have been named Hydroscope not widespread.

5. The vending machine in Alexandria, I age

Inventions that are ahead of their time

The first ATM was designed by engineer Heron still in I century in Alexandria.

Vhodyaschie in hram dolzhny 'hands had to wash vodoy, osvyaschennoy zhretsami. Odnako osvyaschenie and water at ee prodazha zanimali mnogo vremeni, poetomy Geron optimiziroval these protsessy.

Dropped into a coin slot has hit the lever, displaces the valve and allow to drain some of the liquid.

Designed as this machine was to dispense holy water in the church.

For veryyuschih IT'S bylo esche odno chydo, Nr nA dele monetka prosto padala nA spetsialnyyu platformy, otkryvavshuyu nA nekotoroe vremya zaslonky with vodoy.

It turns out that Geron invented a vending machine for 1,800 years before its modern equivalent was patented.

6. The Baghdad Battery

Inventions that are ahead of their time

The Baghdad Battery - Mesopotamian artifact Parthian or Sassanid periods, which after its discoverer - German archaeologist Wilhelm König, director of the National Museum of Iraq - is sometimes considered old galvanic cell created over 2 thousand years before the birth of Alessandro Volta.. In our time, the Baghdad battery is in the National Museum of Iraq.

Wilhelm Koenig suggested that Baghdad battery (more precisely, "galvanic" member) filled with an acid or alkali, can create an electrical voltage of one volt.

7. Central heating

Inventions that are ahead of their time

Before heating the houses appeared among the Romans, it existed among the Greeks, particularly in the Minoans.

The Greeks under the floors of their homes to lay pipes through which flowed warm water, heated diluted centers.

This system had the name of the hypocaust, which means "heated from below."

In the heyday of Roman hypocaust provides heat hot rooms Roman baths (baths) and premises of private villas (in the cold season).

During the excavation of hypocaust it was discovered in Rome that actually were the prototypes of modern "warm floor".

8. The Antikythera Mechanism

Inventions that are ahead of their time

Antikythera mechanism - a mechanical device, raised in 1901, with the ancient vessel.

Mechanism of dates from about 100 BC. e. (Possibly up to 150 g. E. 205 or BC. E.). Kept in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens.

The mechanism comprises at least 30 bronze gears in a rectangular wooden case, on bronze front and back panels which has been dials with arrows.

Two rectangular bronze protective plate covered front and back panels. Approximate dimensions of assembly - 31 * 5 17 * 6 cm.

The mechanism used to calculate the motion of heavenly bodies, and lets you know the date of 42 astronomical events. Using a specially developed computer program determined that the device was made in the band 33 north latitude, 3-37. Ostrov Rhodes (36, 4, p. M.) And Syracuse (37, 1, p. M.) Are often offered as places manufactured or used Antikythera mechanism.

Devices similar Antikythera mechanism, referred to more than a dozen of literary works, which are written with the 300 BC. e. 500 AD. e.

9. Ancient seismoscope

In 132 AD. e. China scholar and inventor Zhang Heng introduced the first seismoscope, who is believed to have been able to predict earthquakes with accuracy of modern tools.

In historical records preserved an accurate description of its appearance and how it functioned, but the exact inner structure still remains a mystery.

Scientists have repeatedly attempted to create a model of the seismoscope putting forward different theories about the principle of its operation.

The most common of them says that the pendulum inside the copper flask is set in motion during earthquakes, even though the epicenter of the earthquake is located hundreds of kilometers away.