Mother of famous artists

For every person living on the planet, is a woman-mother - Tap, suckled him and reared him. And motherhood - it is the first profession on the ground, in which a woman to become a personality in the creation of man, and not only physically, but also spiritually, professionally and socially. So, for example, the mother of great and talented artists were the main inspiration, mentors and teachers of his brilliant son, by all means a gift of God to develop in them. And they pay them filial love and wrote their portraits.

Mother of famous artists

"The mother not only gives birth, but also gives rise to. If only she was giving birth, she would not be the creator of the human race ... "- wrote VASuhomlinskogo. Therefore, the entire history of human civilization, its rise and fall thousands of years has been directly related to the mother's attitude toward his calf.

Love Kornilovna Makovskaya

Mother of famous artists

Mother artists Makovsky - Love Kornilovna Mollengauer. Author: K. Makovsky.

Mother painters Constantine, Vladimir, Nicholas and Alexandra Makovsky - Love Kornilovna Mollengauer was amazing and talented woman. She had a beautiful soprano and has performed duets with famous composers and singers taught singing at the conservatory.

In Moscow in the 1840s Makovsky house was known as a cultural center. All the children were brought up in a creative atmosphere and the basics of art and music education they received at home from their parents. Constantine - the most famous of the dynasty Makovsky, inherited talents and mother of singer and an artist father. Music was his second verse, but all the same thing all his life was painting.

Tatiana Stepanovna Repina

Mother of famous artists

Tatiana Stepanovna Repina. (1879). Author: Ilya Repin. The mother of the artist Ilya Repin - Tatiana Stepanovna (nee Bocharov) was "a soldier's wife." She had one raise and educate their children and to give them an education, she did not disdain even the cheap and dirty work.

And when the children were still small, Tatiana Stepanovna organized home school, where he studied and their neighbors' children. And the skilled worker it was all hands and sewed fur on Hare fur and painted the Easter eggs to order.

Despite the grinding poverty, Tatiana Stepanovna eldest son Ilya gave training to the icon painter, and then sent to the capital of the art school. A smaller - in Petersburg conservatory. Later, he will play for many years at the Mariinsky Theater.

Praskovya Fedorovna Surikov

Mother of famous artists

Praskovya Fedorovna Surikov. (1887). Author: VI Surikov.

Mother of Vasily Surikov - Praskovya Fyodorovna was the representative of an old Cossack family Torgoshinyh founding Torgoshinskuyu village on the banks of the Yenisei, that near Krasnoyarsk. And when the merchant Kuznetsov suggested that she send her son Vassenka to St. Petersburg to study at the Academy of Arts, Praskovya Fyodorovna, without a shadow of doubt blessed young man in a long journey. She strongly encouraged the commitment to the son to painting.

Surikov also with deepest love depicted his mother, "amazing", a simple Russian woman, creating a touching portrait of her. He gave her features an extraordinary simplicity, sincerity, modesty and warmth, and even put on her form imprint difficult and sad life.

Anna Lukinichna Venitsianova

Mother of famous artists

And this is the mother of Alexei Venetsianov Lukinichna Anna (nee Kalashnikov), the daughter of Moscow merchant. One of the first works of the young artist began her portrait. She was obviously dressed up and posing for his son in a terracotta dress and satin cap. By this time, Alex was self-taught artist, he was only 22 years old. It later he would become a court painter and glorified.

Akulina I. Ivanov - the mother of the artist Vasily Perov

Mother of famous artists

Vasily Perov. "Portrait of AI Kridener, the artist's mother." (1876). Author: Vasily Perov.

Vasily Perov was the illegitimate son of Baron Grigory Karlovich Kridener and Tobolsk Philistine Akulina Ivanova. My mother and father were married just after the light appeared their son. Because Baron was not able to make the first-born heir to the family name and title. And Basil got the name "Perov," which was invented by the local sexton, as the boy as a child virtuoso pen.

However, little Bob not only wrote very well, but also tried to paint with a brush. Parents saw the son of artistic talent, especially not contradict him, though Akulina Ivanovna thought that art - it is unreliable. Nevertheless, it is lucky son to Moscow to enroll in art school.

Hripsime Ayvazyan - the mother of Ivan Aivazovsky

Mother of famous artists

Ivan Aivazovsky. "Portrait Hripsime Ayvazyan, the artist's mother." (1849). Author: Ivan Aivazovsky.

Mother called Aivazovsky - Hripsime. She raised six children. And the whole city knew her as a skilled embroiderer. She sat all day with a needle in his hand and hoops, bent over the embroidery. A little Ivan had to help his mother, he attributed it to the rich embroidery of the house where thick, arrogant lady, who did not like the boy lived. Indeed, because of their clothes his mother had to work, and day and night, tirelessly. Ivan hastily handed zakazchitsa their convolution with needlework, and quickly ran away.

Anna Panteleevna Petrov-Vodkin

Mother of famous artists

Anna Panteleevna Petrov-Vodkin. Author: Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin. Mother Petrov-Vodkin - Panteleevna Anna worked as a maid in a local landowner, and somehow when the opportunity showed drawings of architect Meltzer his talented son. Melzer interested in painting by Kuzma, and then completely took him to St. Petersburg, where he gave a good art education. In addition, the landowner Kazarina month sent the young talent of 25 rubles scholarships.

Catherine Prohorovna Kustodiev

Mother of famous artists

Catherine Prohorovna Kustodiev. Author: Boris Kustodiev.

The mother of the artist BM Kustodiev - Prohorovna Catherine (nee Smirnova) remained without a husband in 25 years with three children on his hands and wears a fourth. Catherine Prohorovna had not sweet, she moonlighted as sewing and embroidery, and on holidays played the piano in wealthy homes, gave music lessons to other children to raise their own and provide them with everything necessary. Kustodiev mother always gratefully remembered his parents, who taught her all that made it possible to survive her family in difficult times.

And despite all the financial difficulties, she gave her children a great education. Catherine Prohorovna intentionally disclose talents of their children was their very first teacher of painting, as well painted. Besides her children know a lot about music and play various musical instruments.

Ludwig A. Malevich

Mother of famous artists

Ludwig A. Malevich. Author: Kazimir Malevich.

Mother Kazimir Malevich - Ludwig A. gave birth to 14 children, but only nine of them from survived to adulthood. That's when she saw her son in artistic talent, on his 16th birthday presented a first set of 54 colors. Before the son had to draw what is necessary: ​​"... it's always something to draw constantly pounded in a mortar and then bluing, the oak bark Divorce paint, knit brush chicken feathers, from the thread ... When there was no paper, I could.. start "daub" their images directly on whitewashed wall ... " It is necessary to note the role of the mother of Malevich in the fate of yet another talent. It was one of Casimir - Roslavetz Nicholas, a boy from a failed family, who dreamed of becoming a musician. Ludwig A. kindness bought him a violin, and Nicholas when he grew up was the conductor, composer and teacher.

Maria Picasso Lopez

Mother of famous artists

Maria Lopez. Author: Pablo Picasso.

Pablo's mother - Maria Picasso Lopez. It was from her he inherited the name, which went down in history of art. The future inventor of Cubism, when he wrote this portrait of his mother, was only 15 years old! It's amazing is not it?

Passionate and cheerful Dona Maria is the soul of the house, and a small Picasso was a replica of her mother and master of her soul. Maria piously believed that no child in the world more beautiful than her son. "It was so beautiful, like an angel and a demon at the same time, it was hard to look away from him," - she said. Maria composes and told tales of his son, who, according to the artist himself, awakened in him the desire to be creative. Confidence in his mother's unmatched talent and passed to Picasso. "If you will choose a military career, then be sure to become a general, and if you will go as a monk, you will become the Pope in the future!" - said his mother. Unquestioning faith and the incredible power of maternal love created the phenomenon of Pablo Picasso as a great artist.

Anne Van Gogh (Korbentus)

Mother of famous artists

Anna Cornelia van Gogh Karbentus. Author: Vincent Van Gogh.

And the mother of Van Gogh - Anna. Vincent painted this portrait for my sister Wilhelmina, who sent him one of the last photos of mother to write the pictorial copy.

There is only this portrait, of which it is known that it shows Van Gogh Anna (Korbentus). Family Vincent linked complex and uneven relationship. Despite the fact that the artist painted many self-portraits and portraits of family members inexplicably appeared outside of his paintings.

Ludmila Shilova

Mother of famous artists

The mother of the artist - Ludmila. Author: Alexander Shilov.

Alexander's father died early, and Lyudmila Sergeyevna had to raise three children alone.

It is with them, and with his mother and mother lived in a tiny room, feeling hopeless poverty. Ludmila worked as a teacher in a kindergarten and grandmother guards. "It's a shame it was 16 years to realize that you feed the women" - not once later bitterly recalled those hard times for their family artist. And therefore I had to leave Alexander painting classes at the Palace of Pioneers and to work for the company as a loader. He is infinitely appreciated how much vitality had to give his mother, that he has become what he has become, over the years.