Millions in advertising campaigns that have failed

Marketers know that we are attracted to bright colors, a pleasant voice, announcing the beginning of the action, and, of course, prices. It seems that all advertising is left to chance, but it is not. Even large companies can screw up so badly that a mistake could cost them millions and even billions of dollars.

Millions in advertising campaigns that have failed Millions in advertising campaigns that have failed

and Apple's album U2


In 2014, Apple decided that people will enjoy the new U2 album, so the company has signed a contract with the group and will automatically download the album on all Apple devices. After all, everyone loves free stuff, thought at Apple.

Here are just people like free stuff, if they need it (at least slightly). The album took a lot of space in the memory, and it was impossible to remove that, accordingly, there is little loved. But an even greater problem was the fact that Apple album was not free. They spent $ 100 million on marketing alone, plus the same amount paid U2. Later, Apple still allowed to remove the song from the device.

Millions in advertising campaigns that have failed

Weather prediction by Walkers (Lay's)

In 2010, the British company Walkers Crisp (we know them as Lay's) decided to conduct an unusual action: if a person bought a bag of chips for 40 pence (about 65 cents), then he could go to the site and try to predict when it will rain. If the prediction comes true, then the buyer has won ten pounds (about 16 dollars).

However, the problem was that the contest was held in England (where it is often cloudy) and autumn. Therefore, soon it stood out as a rainy week, that every prediction came true. Only this week Walkers has lost more than a million pounds, and continued to lose money. But there is a positive side: advertising and successful people always remember the brand name.

Millions in advertising campaigns that have failed

1, 5 million balloons

September 27, 1986 US-based United Way has decided to break the record and run 1, 5 million balloons, thereby announcing himself. In the city of Cleveland (USA), in a large hangar 2,500 thousand inflated helium balloons, and then the roof opened and released balloons. It was a wonderful sight, but only for a few minutes.

No one took into account the rain that went in at launch. Balls immediately washed to the ground, and the wind spread throughout the city. As a result, I got up all public transport, closed runway and berth.

It also led to the deaths of two boatmen, who were unable to find due to the fact that the balls were strewn all local lake. The wife of one of the victims sued the company's three million dollars. In addition, the company paid millions of the city to repair the damage.

Millions in advertising campaigns that have failed

American Airlines and free flights for life

In 1981, American Airlines has decided to provide an opportunity for rich customers buy a subscription to unlimited flights. 250 thousand dollars the customer has received the right to an unlimited number of free tickets in first class. And for an additional 150,000 could buy a subscription for a friend.

Marketers think that skipping will use only the large companies to transport their top executives, but the tickets have started to buy everything. So, one guy flew to London 16 times in one month. Why not? You can fly almost every day. As a result, the company was forced to carry thousands of passengers for free and for a week lost five million dollars. Subscriptions immediately canceled, and the money was returned to cardholders.

Millions in advertising campaigns that have failed

The world's largest popsicle

In 2005, Snapple (beverage company Dr Pepper) has decided to expand the range of products and produce ice cream. They came up with an ambitious advertising campaign: to make the world's largest ice cream and enter the Guinness Book of Records.

Eskimo weighing 17, 5 tons was frozen at the factory and the plan was to be delivered to New York. A huge ice cream in the hottest season of the year in the middle of hot asphalt. What could go wrong?

When the ice cream was brought to most of the city center and opened the truck, they poured out a wave of strawberry syrup, covering everything in its path. As a result, the streets were closed for two days, and the company has spent millions of dollars in damages and street cleaning.

Millions in advertising campaigns that have failed

Tesco and mathematics

In 2011, the British supermarket chain Tesco has arranged a price war with rival ASDA. The Tesco said: "If you find the same product cheaper in ASDA, then we will refund you the difference." That is, if you bought wine at Tesco for $ 20, and then in ASDA found the same wine, but for $ 18, then Tesco return you two dollars.

The Company expects that customers will only buy the necessary things. But resourceful people bought all that was cheaper in ASDA, receives the difference, and then handed over these things back. As a result, they received more than spending. Over time, Tesco shares lost an enormous amount that has not covered.

Millions in advertising campaigns that have failed

Oprah and KFC

In 2009, KFC has decided to forward its new dish, giving it for free. Wanting to maintain restraint, KFC announced its proposal to show the little-known (in the company thought so) actress Oprah Winfrey. But underestimated the audience Oprah and TV.

Therefore, when the audience learned that can print out a voucher for a free dinner at KFC, then 16 million people have done it. And they came into the KFC across the country. Lunch ended a few hours, and before the end of the stock, the company lost $ 40 million, and paid the same amount of crazy to Oprah for advertising.

Millions in advertising campaigns that have failed

and the Olympics McDonald's

In 1984, the United States has chosen the venue for the Olympic Games. In honor of this event, McDonald's has launched a campaign with the slogan "If the US win, you win!". For each winning a medal American visitors were given free meals. For a bronze medal - a glass of cola, for the silver - french fries, for the gold - Big Mac.

But the unexpected happened. In that year, the Soviet Union (the main competitor of the US) boycotted the Olympics. The Americans got 83 gold medals, 61 silver and 30 bronze. This is much more than expected. As a result of the "Olympic" event almost ruined McDonald's, as all ate free.

Millions in advertising campaigns that have failed

Fever numbers from the Pepsi

In 1992, Pepsi far behind Coca-Cola in South-East Asia. Therefore, the Philippine leadership Pepsi decided to launch an action called "Fever of numbers." The plan was simple: under the lids Pepsi beverage companies to place the code and the amount of gain - from a thousand to a million pesos (40,000 dollars at the time). Money can be obtained only if the end of the action declare that your number winning. When Pepsi announced the winner, who will get a million pesos, then I made a mistake. The winner chose the number 349, but that he was not supposed to be a winner, because it was printed on 800 000 caps. That is, 800 thousand people have won one million (all 800 billion pesos).

The company could not pay such a sum, therefore, referred to a computer glitch, but it did not help. In the capital, riots broke out, burned trucks and factories Pepsi. As a result, the death of three employees of the company. Soon, Pepsi had to pay 250 million pesos - all of its income for the previous two years and the action steps.