Basic rules jogging

• The basic rules jogging

We have gathered the most frequently asked questions of those who are going to complement your active lifestyle by regular jogs, and responded to them. Learn what to do before, during and after the tread on the path.

Basic rules jogging

Where to run better?

Choose any cover - stadium, park ground, asphalt. You can even rotate them during a workout. But in any case, do not run on concrete, it is the most harmful option for the joints. In any case, take care of shoes.

How to breathe correctly?

Only through the nose. Can not help but inhale or exhale through the mouth? The body is suffering from oxygen starvation. Slow down and try to alternate walking with short jogs (Study plan runs for beginners on this page below).

As a warm-up?

If you do not warm up, you can get injured. Do not want? Do something out of this, or all at once: Five minutes Walk at a fast pace; 5-10 minutes Perform squats and rifts from foot to foot in poluprisede; jump on one leg of the square. After jogging a few minutes go to the quiet pace to regain his breath.

How to escape?

Considered a safe technique, when a runner lands on the toe, not the heel. It makes it difficult to have to practice. But since you shalt feet from very serious injuries in the future, when the load increases. Keep your back straight, slightly tilting the body forward, abdomen - slightly tucked up, arms bent at right angles and unstressed. Look not to the ground, and in front of him, it will help psychologically.

What if something hurts?

It is better to stop right away, because nothing should hurt. Most often when running starts to tingle in his side. This is because the liver and spleen were quickly filled with blood (which is good), and it puts pressure on the skin (it is unpleasant). Warming up before jogging and gradually increase the load to all the organs had to adapt.

What to listen to?

Audiobooks or songs with a similar rhythm (beats per minute - BPM), which matches the tempo of your workout.

What is a pre-workout?

There can be no later than two hours before your workout. Energy provide banana, dried fruits and complex carbohydrates: a sandwich with whole grain bread, pasta with vegetable sauce.

How to dress for a jog?

The main rule outfit: Dress up as if on the street 10 degrees warmer. Fit any loose items that you do not vspoteesh.