Video lectures about the dream

• Video lectures about sleep

Video lectures about the dream

The experts explain, why do we need sleep, circadian rhythms that such as sleep disorders can become chronic and what you need to do to sleep was of high quality.

"Theory and practice" assembled 5 video lectures to help how to sleep.

How does the dream from the standpoint of biology and physiology

The answer to the question "Why sleep the body needs" seems obvious: sleep needed to rest. But this answer generates a chain of new questions: What is a vacation, why is it so hard to organize and it is related to certain periods in a day. Doctor of biological sciences Vladimir Kovalzon talks about waking mechanism, fast and slow-wave sleep, as well as about the history somnology.

What are sleep disorders and why sometimes we are so difficult to sleep

sleep disturbances occur very much, and it's not always just about the physiological problems. PhD Elena Rasskazova in his lecture spoke about the psychological factors that affect the regulation of sleep, the occurrence of these disorders and how they become chronic.

What is a lucid dream

Dream - mysterious condition faced by each of us every day. Even more strange and surprising is the lucid dream, around which traditionally lot of mysticism and esoteric practices. In his lecture, psychologist Julia Kostina attempted to address this phenomenon from a scientific point of view and told about the peculiarities of the state of lucid dreaming, research in this area, induction techniques, and much more.

How do our biological clocks

Circadian rhythms - these are internal mechanisms that counted 24 hours a day and change them many physiological parameters: the concentration of hormones, blood pressure, body temperature. Since the body is oriented in time and understand, for example, when it is better to go to sleep. As these mechanisms are arranged at the genetic and hormonal level, briefly tells Bioinformatics Andrey Afanasyev.

What is the quality sleep

What is quality sleep and how it should be, what factors determine it and goes there in vain for human health, lack of sleep - Doctor of Biological Sciences says Evgeny Verbitsky, a good sound sleep affects our waking.

Preview: "Sleeping on a yellow veils", the artist Pierre Bonkompen.