Elon Musk create a Jurassic Park

• Elon Musk create a Jurassic Park period of

In the wake of the popularity of the movie "Jurassic World 2" - a remake of the legendary films of Steven Spielberg - one of Twitter users offered Elon Musk to build a real park with dinosaurs. And ... the inventor of the idea came to taste!

Elon Musk create a Jurassic Park

The discussion developed under fasting scientist, in which he made repost the tweet read: "It is surprising that Elon Musk has billions of dollars, the company is space colonization, creative and brilliant girl, and he, like me, ruining my morning, arguing with idiots in social networks. " The inventor has attributed to repost the enemy of his enemy - his friend.

It is kind of amazing that Elon Musk wakes up with billions of dollars, a space colonisation company and creative genius girlfriend, and still decides to ruin his mornings exactly the same way I do - arguing with idiots on social media.

- Robert Wiblin (@robertwiblin) June 17, 2018

Under this record one user with the nickname Rob Kubaka offered Ilona build Jurassic Park with the real dinosaurs. Apparently, I reviewed the movie.

Elon, we need a real Jurassic Park.

- Rob Kubacki (@Wi_Writer) June 17, 2018

"Ilon, we need a real Jurassic Park."

And, surprisingly, a couple of hours Elon Musk said - his laconic reply expressing consent.


- Elon Musk (@elonmusk) June 17, 2018

In recent years, many scientist amazed fans around the world unusual projects - car in the space tunnel near Los Angeles, flame-throwers. And because Twitter users decided that perhaps it is not no joke and it can really build a park.

- Sekwah (@ sekwah41) June 18, 2018

"Why not combine the dinosaurs and flamethrowers? Two birds with one stone. "

We literally have a series of movies about why this is a absolutely terrible idea !!

.... Do it!

- N U R O ™ (@NuroDev) June 17, 2018

"There is a whole series of films about why it is absolutely terrible idea. Do this!"

Nooo please nooo

- Sergio Peregrina (@PeregrinIvan) June 19, 2018

"No-oo-oo, please-ee-o".

Elon Musk is no longer commented on the topic with Jurassic Park, but Twitter users continue to discuss this funny and at the same time a terrible idea.

Noooo! bad idea we saw how it turned out terriblely every damn time.

Just no ... not that.

- Kira Carino (@TheKiraCarino) June 17, 2018

"No-oo! Bad idea, we saw what a nightmare it ends every fucking time. Just ... do not do it. "

So I'm thinking we'll have a real Jurassic Park in the next 20 years?

- Pete Rock (@EvilAstronomer) June 17, 2018

"I understand that in the next 20 years we will have a real Jurassic Park?"


- ⚔️NEILA⚔️ (@OddOuntane) June 17, 2018

"Yes, yes, yes."


- Q (@alcoholocauster) June 17, 2018

"This was six films. I learned nothing? "

If someone had slept the last 28 years, we recall that "Jurassic Park" - this is a movie about how to live dinosaurs cloned from ancient DNA, went out of control and began a manhunt. Great idea, Elon Musk, support!