Why do women need nonreciprocal love

Unrequited love devoted many poems and novels, it seems - at least once in their lives suffered from it each person. But some girls have no luck all the time. Time after time, they fall in love with those who do not pay attention to them, as if purposely choose only inaccessible to men. Why is this happening? Of course, the reasons for different women are different, too.

Why do women need nonreciprocal love

Unhappy love gives freedom

People mature at different times for a relationship. Some in his youth, some - never. One women need to recover from the loss of a loved one or the break with him, while others simply can not admit that they do not need my love, and my love. In general, a woman may now not be ready for a serious relationship with a man who does not feel they need.

If at the same time she brought up on the feeling that it is not to fall in love is not normal, then subconsciously over and over again will choose as a subject of adoration man who is in the direction of her do not look. Happily married, prefers a different type of women, it is not a circle, and so on. In the end, unhappy in love surrounding sympathize rather than sleep issues and hints about marriage.

Why do women need nonreciprocal love

A scene from the rock opera "Juno and Avos".

It happens that the love of a man, which had separated from the woman herself fate played out deliberately - when a woman realizes that to any liabilities not ready, and the society is not ready to accept. A similar story was the basis of the rock opera "Juno and Avos". The prototypes of the main characters were Russian Count Rezanov and a daughter of the commandant of San Francisco Concepcion Arguello. In reality Senorita Arguello was acquainted with an elderly gentleman Rezanov quite a bit. He made her an offer of marriage - mostly for the sake of getting help for themselves and their sailors on her father, she promised to love forever and sailed to Russia. Conchita was soon dressed in black, and declared herself a widow in her heart. The status of widows and talk about grief gave her the right to reject all proposals of marriage and to move freely outside the home. Fun, attend receptions and communicate with it does not in any way prevent her from cute boys.

Why do women need nonreciprocal love

I do not fit into the high standards for women

For humanity, this situation is new. Yes, always had some kind of fashion for women's beauty. Girls Inca Empire had to dress himself the thighs and legs, so that they swell and become thick - if a girl wanted to be nice by local standards. Young Englishwoman times of Queen Victoria deprived themselves of the opportunity to breathe normally is tightly tightening corsets - in fashion waist was much thinner than nature has provided for women. But…

First only in countries with a huge shortage of men she is too full or thin for their time, too dark or pale, did not meet sooner or later, your soul mate. It has been the ideal of beauty - but there was also the realization that it does not reach every living woman, and a willingness to fall in love in a very imperfect ladies, finding its charms in them.

Why do women need nonreciprocal love

Beauties end of the Victorian era, not only tightly tightened, but also a special corset all day kept a dangerous bend in the spine for it.

For example, the Heartbreakers Clara Zetkin is not like a beautiful woman who painted her contemporaries in pictures and postcards. Yet in her life was a lot of love, to the point that she married a young man half his age. And it even further from the standards of beauty girlfriend Rosa Luxemburg twisted with his son Zetkin novel, although he was younger than fourteen years. Sometimes the opposite situation. Request for women are not the same as those that can give her the majority of surrounding men. Case may be, or in the situation (it can not fall in love with aggressive or unkempt macho and good and cleanly where she lives, little), or in queries themselves - when a woman dreams of an exceptionally beautiful and talented man, seeing this as the only option by virtue, for example, his upbringing.

Why do women need nonreciprocal love

Around Byron was always a lot of fans, and some of them fundamentally opted for adoration only talented men - such requests dictated fashion.

Men who stand out from the crowd, not so much, and they are surrounded by a crowd of admirers. To have an ongoing relationship with each of them, of course, can not, and for the majority of fans love such men will be unrequited.

The soul needs the drama and even tragedy

When Marina Tsvetaeva asked why she wrote so many poems about unrequited love, Marina was surprised: is another case? But it was a woman who loved her husband - and got his love in return. But - her soul needed strong emotions, just like food, and she was looking for them and found.

Why do women need nonreciprocal love

Unfortunately, very often the need for the suffering of love - is the search for laws approved by the company reason to cry and suffer openly, when I want to cry. This happens after a deep, unexamined psychological trauma, especially experienced sexual violence, which seem to be silent, not to think, to forget - but the heart is not otgorevalo.

If we talk about the survivors of sexual or physical, sometimes hopelessly fall in love only - way to stay safe from the frightening touch, proximity, without giving up the experience of love at all.

Why do women need nonreciprocal love

They gave a wrong image of love

At an early age all that is associated with the mother - it's about love. The behavior of the Pope - also about love. And if the one and the other were cold, hard, they lay the distorted image of love to the daughters of the soul. They will choose those who are cold towards him because he grew up in an unconscious confidence - it is love.

Inaccessible beloved draws and those who grew up a child without a father and whose mother at the same time had to disappear at work - to feed a two harder than the three together, and the child in this case loses half the parental attention, and more. It is not surprising that the actress Halle Berry was the father blames care that is now her problems with men: it all the time chooses unloving.

Why do women need nonreciprocal love

The men did not repel Halle Berry, because she is famous. But she chooses time after time those who do not like it really. The actress in the film "Password: Swordfish".