Mercedes-Benz models of the little-known

• Little-known Mercedes-Benz models of

Mercedes-Benz models of the little-known

Rare and cool German cars.

To date, car brand Mercedes-Benz is one of the oldest on Earth. In its history, the forgotten and missing even the dark pages. Several of these now and try to "highlight", remembering rare cars Mercedes-Benz, which prove that the company lives "Gelika not alone."

1. Mercedes-Benz LP333

Mercedes-Benz models of the little-known

The unique truck Mercedes-Benz LP333.

Truck-centipede (by the way, that's what they are called in Germany) LP333 16 tonnes was established in 1958 and produced until 1961. Total of 1833 cars were made. There was a truck-specific wheel arrangement. All four front wheels were turning. Staffed strongmen 6 tsilidrovymi 10.8-liter unit.

2. Mercedes-Benz 600Coupe (W100)

Mercedes-Benz models of the little-known

There are only two Mercedes-Benz 600Coupe.

About W100 limousine is known to many, because it went almost all the celebrities the 60-ies of the last century. But the fact that there is a coupe W100, knows not everyone. The reason is very simple - these machines are made only two. One of them was donated by well-known in the whole of Germany engineer Rudolf Ulenhautu. The second - at least well-known master Fritz Nallingeru.

3. Mercedes-Benz Nürburg 460 K Pullman

Mercedes-Benz models of the little-known

Rare and old Pullman.

But first armored limousine in the history of Mercedes! It was created in 1931. The body was reinforced with special steel sheets. To protect the windows special metal curtains were created, which were attached to the cabin ceiling. The car was a "Siege" mode that turns it into an impregnable fortress.

4. Mercedes-Benz 150 Sport Saloon / Roadster (W30)

Mercedes-Benz models of the little-known

A revolutionary in his time Sport Saloon.

Sports car, incredibly progressive for its time. Its main feature is the mid-engine layout. The machine was a most unusual vehicle in its class throughout the XX century. Such it is considered even today, despite the rather modest toppings: a 1.5-liter engine capacity of 54 liters. from. Remarkably, he still clocked Sport Saloon to 130 km / h thanks to the aerodynamic body.

5. Mercedes-Benz 170 VL (W139)

Mercedes-Benz models of the little-known

Grandpa Gelika 170 VL.

The car, which was one of the many attempts of German designers to create a new flagship car for the Army. There was a car in the 30-ies of XX century. We released it in the amount of 42 pieces. Despite this, the construction of 170 VL was very remarkable. Many of the solutions was then used to create the first "Gelika".

6. Mercedes-Benz LE 306 Electro-Transporter

Mercedes-Benz models of the little-known

Bus Electro-Transporter could become Tesla of his time.

But the company's attempt to create electric buses in the 70-ies. Moreover, Mercedes offered technology fast charging of such vehicles using the battery is replaced with a special station. 59 of these cars were produced in the period from 1957 to 1977. The project eventually was abandoned. To compete with the then buses on diesel engines promising developments could not.

And still: Mercedes-Benz trac

Mercedes-Benz models of the little-known

Even the tractor.

This, too, Mercedes! The company does, including agricultural equipment. Tractor decorated with three-beam star issued from 1973 to 1991. Subsequently, the project was in front of a tractor Mercedes partner companies.