Used cars that may rust for a couple of years

Used cars that may rust for a couple of years

Not all German cars can boast a good body. | Photo:

All drivers know that one of the main enemies for any car - it is rust. It occurs quickly, first at the bottom and wheel arches. It takes only a few seasons, like a machine, not so long ago brand new and shiny, it begins to literally "bloom." Read more about the cars, which quickly rot, see later in the review.

1. "Volga"

Used cars that may rust for a couple of years

Body of GAZ-3110 is a sad sight. | Photo:

In the USSR cars "Volga" were considered prestigious, but to buy them could not every driver. That is why the machine has become a sign of relatively high status of the owner, and in the 1990s - 2000s in demand, including in the secondary market. "Volga" were produced until 2009, but in the coming years, this machine can become a rarity. Drivers who know firsthand the car, joking that if you listen closely, you can hear how it rusts.

2. Ford Mondeo (2007-2014 gg.)

Used cars that may rust for a couple of years

mid-size sedan Ford Mondeo third generation. | Photo:

Cars Ford, which produced in Europe, is always fundamentally different from the American model. And if the characteristics of such cars as Ford Mondeo, Escort, Ka, Sierra, Focus, Scorpio only pleasing to the drivers, the rapid degradation of the body is only sadness. These machines are actually rot very quickly, especially in regions where winter roads sprinkled with salt.

Only in recent years of a body for Ford became much better, but the most reliable cars of other brands it is still far. At the mid-size sedan Ford Mondeo third generation quickly rust wing joint threshold, the lower part of the doors, hood, floor.

3. Opel Astra

Used cars that may rust for a couple of years

Opel Astra G. | Photo:

Of all the cars manufactured in Germany, drivers and mechanics to easily choose the car, "second-class citizens." For decades, Opel models inferior competitors for most parameters. These machines have a simple complete, they are cheaper and less reliable.

Thus, the second generation of the compact sedan Opel Astra G (1998-2004 gg.) Since the plant got so bad the body, which is only a couple of years the car was covered with "bugs", rusted doors and wheel arches. Also very quickly corrodes the bonnet and boot lid, window frames, fenders, welds. If you do not fix the problem, it is still a few years, the rust eats through metal.

Unfortunately, this problem is not solved even on newer versions of Opel Astra.

4. UAZ Patriot

Used cars that may rust for a couple of years

UAZ Patriot - a car that is rotting before our eyes. | Photo:

Drivers who have experience with the domestic auto industry, are well aware that our cars previously could not boast of a good protection against corrosion. But while AvtoVAZ produces new models which have no complaints in this respect, Ulyanovsk release not cheap SUVs that are rusting in just a few years.

5. Nissan Almera (1995-2006 gg.)

Used cars that may rust for a couple of years

restyled sedan Nissan Almera second generation. | Photo:

Japanese cars, however, as the German, considered a kind of standard for quality and reliability. But in fact, among the many models of many of those who quickly rust. Compact vehicle Nissan Almera first generation (N 15) - one of these. Car pursued corrosion thresholds, doors, hood and trunk lid, door frames, beams in the engine compartment. The second generation (N 16), which appeared in 2000, was no better. Body everything quickly spoil. For example, the tailgate hatchback rot through thoroughly in just 2-3 years.

6. Mazda 6 (2002-2012.)

Used cars that may rust for a couple of years

mid-size sedan Mazda 6 of the first generation. | Photo:

Mazda - is another Japanese firm, where cars can not boast of a good anti-corrosion protection. the first-generation Mazda 6 cars rust and rot very quickly if there was no protection, and the driver ignored the problem. Weaknesses of the model are the same as that of the other machines in this "antiobzore".

the second generation of machines (2007-2012 gg.) were not better in terms of corrosion protection. Even small chips of paint will melt quickly rust foci. And if the car traveled in a car accident, her body becomes a "sieve" for only a couple of years.

BONUS: Hyundai Creta

Used cars that may rust for a couple of years

The popular crossover Korean Hyundai Creta was the "Surprise". | Photo:

Hyundai Creta compact crossover is available just a few years, but has already become very popular in Russia (5 th place in the list of sales in 2017). But there is one problem that holds back the official dealer. Cars assembled in St. Petersburg, the factory received a very bad color, and are already starting to rust. Numerous points of corrosion drivers are found throughout the body, which can not oppress.