Celebrities who married their mistresses

"Happily ever after" does not always happen the first time and not always beautiful start. For example, the stories of our heroes began with deception and betrayal, and ended ... But no, not over yet!

Celebrities who married their mistresses

Garik Kharlamov and Christina Asmus

Celebrities who married their mistresses

With his first wife Julia Leshchenko comedian met at the beginning of the project Comedy Club. She worked as a manager at a nightclub, where residents had to act. In 2010, the pair played a beautiful wedding, but soon became strained relations. It became aware of the novel Kharlamov with actress Christina Asmus After a couple of years. Wife guessed, but found out about the change is not her husband, and from newspapers. Moreover, according to Leshchenko, they were still trying to conceive a child, while Garik already courting actress. Conceive Julia failed, but Asmus in 2014 gave birth to a daughter, Anastasia Kharlamov. About his personal life after divorce Julia speaks openly, and Garik and Christina occasionally share happy moments of their married life.

Konstantin Meladze and Vera Brezhnev

Celebrities who married their mistresses

Konstantin Meladze and Jan Amounts have been married for 19 years and raised two daughters and a son. Rumors of infidelity producer went many years. Meladze attributed novels with singers of his group "VIA Gra" Hope Meyher and Eve Bushmina. Gossip composer reacted calmly, but it turned out that 10 years, he really led a double life.

Konstantin Meladze met with the other party "VIA Gra" - singer Vera Brezhnev. His wife guessed the connection and directly husband asked what got the answer: "We're just friends." In 2013, the amount filed for divorce. Despite his long-time affair, Meladze did not want to break and did not expect such a decision from the couple. In 2015, Konstantin Meladze and Vera Brezhnev married. The wedding took place in Italy classified as "secret", but gradually the pair no longer hide their relationship. "It is quite a striking man, the most beautiful and sexy - Meladze confided in an interview with journalist Dmitry Gordon. -Grandiozno Is she married? Rather, I grandly married. "

Valery Meladze and Albina Dzhanabaeva

Celebrities who married their mistresses

Valery Meladze, like an older brother, lived for two families: many years actor cheated on his wife Irina Malukhin. The couple lived married in 1989 and raised three daughters, the youngest of whom Arina was born in 2002 - then Meladze has already met with the ex-soloist of "VIA Gra" Albina Dzhanabaeva. In 2004 the singer gave birth to her son Constantine musician, but Meladze in no hurry to issue a divorce. With his wife he had parted only in 2012.

In 2014, Meladze and Dzhanabaeva second son Luca, and then the pair secretly signed for Kutuzovsky registry office in Moscow.

Now artists are increasingly go out, talk about their marriage and sons. In the beginning, the couple even sang a duet.

Sting and Trudie Styler

Celebrities who married their mistresses

Roman musician to actress paid dearly for both. Communication with the married cost Styler career, Sting has spoiled the reputation of himself. But instead of the two found each other.

Sting fell in love with Trudy at first sight, but their meeting has happened, when the musician was married to Francis Tomelti and raised a son. In 1982, Sting and Frances had a daughter, and a few months later the musician left the family. Because of the scandal erupted a couple refused marriage and relationship has issued only 10 years later, becoming the parents of three children. In 1995, Trudy gave birth to their fourth child, and yesterday's critics had no doubt: the two should be together.

Oleg Strizhenov

Celebrities who married their mistresses

89-year-old actor Oleg Strizhenov, star of films "The Gadfly" and "The Queen of Spades", found family happiness only at the third attempt. His first wife was actress Marianne Bebutov. The couple married in 1955, and at the same actor for the first time faced with the beauty-from Odessa Lionello stacks. Schoolgirl dreams of becoming an actress, came to watch the shooting of the film "The Mexican," which took place in her city. Strizhenov drew attention to the fans, but familiarity does not end there. And after 5 years, I met again a couple. In 1961 he graduated from GITIS Lionella and starred in his first film "Free Wind" in Yalta. There also appeared Strizhenov travel.

It began a passionate affair, and shorn left his wife. But not immediately ... and not to Lionello. She quickly tired of waiting for certainty. In 1962 she married director Ivan Pyreva and stopped communicating with a former lover. And after 6 years of his other Strizhenova pregnant mistress - Love Zemlyanikin actress, which is why he left the first family.

In 1969 the couple had a son, Alexander - is now a well-known TV presenter, but the birth of a child does not pull together a couple. Strizhenov could not forget Lionello, the family were saved by irritation and mutual insults ...

In 1975, divorced and widowed Strizhenov Lionella Mow met again - on the set of the movie "The Last Victim". They had not seen for 13 years, but it turned out not stopped loving each other. A year later, the actors were married. Oleg Strizhenov and Lionella Mow together until now.