Actor of the film "Titanic" still come receipts for filming

• Actor of the film "Titanic" still come receipts for filming

You probably did not pass the film side, "Titanic", which became the second highest grossing film in history. The picture was published in 1997 and immediately became one of the most famous in the world. We are confident that the "Titanic" watching everyone, even if you do not want to admit.

Actor of the film

With the release in cinemas of the film has collected in world hire 2, $ 2 billion when again a record budget of $ 200 million. Playing the main roles, while the young and not very well-known, have received too much: Leonardo DiCaprio - 2, 5 million dollars, Kate Winslet - $ 2 million.

Not cheated and bit parts actors. Remember the little Irish boy who stayed with his sister and mother in the steerage, and died tragically? Actor Reece Thompson (Reece Thompson) said in an interview with Business Insider, which still receives money for filming ended 20 years ago.

For a cameo role in "Titanic," 5-year-old Thompson received 30 thousand dollars. And the first few years after the shooting he had thousands of dollars in checks.

Actor of the film

In addition, twenty years later, Thompson continues to receive by mail checks in the amount of 100 to 300 dollars a year. Maybe not a huge amount, but still nice.

Actor of the film

25-year-old Reece Thompson, who now works as director of digital-marketing at a ski resort in Utah, perceives these checks rather as a pleasant surprise. "Not that I sat and waited for a new check will come. Just when this happens, I think, "Oh, great, another $ 100". "

Thompson remembers very little about the shooting or samples, but perfectly remember difficulties with playing an Irish accent.

For the film he continue to pay quarterly cash. Sometimes the amount is increased - for example, when the film appeared on VHS and DVD in 1998 and 1999. However, after the re-release of "Titanic" in 3D in 2012, Thompson did not notice the increase of earnings.

This situation can be explained by the fact that, under the terms of the work of actors, they get a certain amount of one-off for the release of the movie on DVD, broadcast television and new media. The specific amount depends on the contract of the actor and the film's success. extras do not receive these payments.