What you can and can not be at a high temperature in the child

Is there any benefit from the heat? Undoubtedly! Fever - a response to infection, a protective mechanism that helps the body fight viruses, with an increase in body temperature, the body produces protective factors.

What you can and can not be at a high temperature in the child

1. How and when to shoot down at the baby's temperature

Bring down if above 39 Your job - to reduce T 38.9C in the ass (38.5C axilla). • to reduce the use of T paracetamol (acetaminophen), ibuprofen. Never use aspirin, especially if your child has chickenpox. • Undress the child (not bundled up!). Do not forget about the cool, fresh air in the room. • to reduce T can be used as a cool bath (water temperature corresponds to a normal body temperature). • Do not use alcohol rubdown, especially in young children. Remember, alcohol - poison for children.

2. Why Paracetamol and Ibuprofen does not always help?

The fact is that all drugs in pediatric practice are calculated on the weight of the individual child. Preparations need to be taken, correctly calculating the dose on the weight of the individual child, with the help of special measuring syringe manufacturers, especially cheap Paracetamol, somehow underestimate the dose, and be guided by the recommendation - "from 6 months to 3 years," so do not razumnotak how can one dose suitable child weighing from 8 to 18 kg.

3. How to take antipyretics? (Calculated dose of medication)

Paracetamol (Panadol, Efferalgan, Tsefekon D) single dose - 15 mg / kg. That is for a child weighing 10 kg to 10 kg single dose X 15 = 150 mg. For a child weighing 15 kg - 15x15 = 225 mg. This dose can be given up to 4 times a day, if necessary. Ibuprofen (Nurofen, ibufen) A single dose of 10 mg / kg. That is, a child weighing 8 kg need 80 mg, and 20 kg - 200 mg.

The drug can be given no more than 3 times a day.

Drugs reduce the temperature within an hour and a half, approximately 1-1, 5 degrees, expected temperature decrease to "norm" 36, 6 do not.

4. What drug can not give the child

Analgin (metamizole sodium). Use of the drug in the civilized world is not approved because of the high toxicity inhibitory effect on hemopoiesis. In Russia, used widely, especially in the emergency room, in the "lytic cocktail". Perhaps the single administration of the drug in an environment where other, safer drugs available. However, chronic administration of dipyrone every time the temperature rises absolutely unacceptable.

Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) - the use of the drug in children up to 12 years in viral infections is prohibited because of the possible development of toxic encephalopathy with liver damage - Reye's syndrome.

Nimesulide (Nise, nimulid) - a few years ago was widely advertised as an antipyretic in children because of gaps in the legislation. The temperature lowers remarkably. Only in India. In the civilized world the use in children is prohibited because of the possibility of severe liver injury (toxic hepatitis). At the moment, the use of the drug in children under 12 years in Russia banned food and drug administration.

5. You can not!

- Apply cold objects to the "temperaturyaschih" the child's body - it provokes spasmodermia. And if a decrease in skin temperature occurs, the temperature of internal organs, in contrast, increases, which is extremely dangerous. - can not Rub alcohol or vinegar, as these substances through the skin into the body of the child, and hence, possibly poisoned.

6. What if 'white fever'?

Is there any benefit from the heat? Undoubtedly! Fever - a response to infection, a protective mechanism that helps the body fight viruses, with an increase in body temperature, the body produces protective factors. If your baby's skin, despite the heat, pink and moist to the touch, you can be relatively quiet - the balance between heat production and heat is not broken. But if the high temperature pale skin, cold hands and feet, and the child has a fever, it is "white fever" in which vessel spasm occurs. The reason may be damage in the CNS, liquid shortage, the pressure drop etc. Reason.

When the white fever:

1) Try to give sex pills Nosh-nN and rub hands vigorously cold limbs of the child. Note that the fever does not begin in full force until after the spasm of blood vessels. Be sure to call an ambulance - they will inject 'lytic cocktail'!

2) Eliminate any physical cooling techniques - wiping wrapping in sheets and cold etc...! Your child is already happening spasmodermia.

7. What form of medication to choose?

When choosing the form of the drug (liquid medicine, syrup, chewable tablets, suppositories) be appreciated that drugs in solution or syrup operate 20-30 minutes in the candlelight - 30-45 minutes, but their effect is more durable. You can use candles in a situation when a child vomits while taking fluid, or he refuses to drink the medicine. Candles make better use of the child after a bowel movement, it is convenient to introduce the night. TIP: HEALING TINCTURE

20 drops of tincture of propolis is added to half a glass of hot milk (if a person is not well tolerate milk, you can take just a quarter cup or even a single item. Spoonful). The combination of propolis and milk gives a special effect: in addition to the treatment of colds and lung diseases (which, in fact, I recommend propolis tincture) improves overall health, sleep, calms the mind.

10% propolis tincture is best to buy from a pharmacy. 25 ml vials you have enough time, and it costs just a few cents.

Take means to be in the evening, before bedtime. After you have washed, brushed my teeth, when dressed, and spread out the bed. To have only a drink and immediately fall asleep.

When treating colds in children a positive effect is obvious from the first. Drive your baby home from the kindergarten, you see: he falls ill. Before going to bed just give him one or two drops of tincture of propolis with milk - and the next morning the child's nose breathing, it is clear that he was treated overnight.

Propolis tincture treated successfully acute respiratory viral infection, bronchitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis.

When I myself use this tool for this class of diseases, he noted that in passing came relief of inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract.

When gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer yet, but the diagnosis "gastritis" or "duodenitis" has been made, something you ought to take in order to not bring themselves to ulcers. Reliable drug, also does not have harmful side effects, as you know, not so much. One of them - propolis tincture. It is remarkable that the use mode for colds, as well as for gastrointestinal diseases is the same: a few drops of hot milk at night. Who has not suffered pancreatitis, may not know what is everyday torment. Girdle back pain poison existence, and reliable recommendations for the treatment of pancreatitis not. Usually treated with enzymes. And enzymes, replacing the pancreas, resulting in very deduce it from the game, and it works worse. So propolis tincture and milk true salvation, if you have pancreatitis.