Week in Rio: the Russian team all the medals

20 Olympic medals, four gold (two - in judo and fencing) and a day without medals - with resume Russian team completes the first week of the Olympic Games in Rio. The federal budget of the country, these successes Olympians will cost almost 80 million rubles (excluding bonuses coaches and specialists) for the win at the Olympic Games athletes promised 4 million rubles, for the second - 2, 5, for the third - 1, 7. There are still 9 competition days.

Week in Rio: the Russian team all the medals

Mudranov Beslan, 30 years

Judo, category 60 kg, gold

The fact that the city opened Sambo section of Beslan told younger brother - together and started going to the gym. We lived then Mudranovy Baksan (Kabardino-Balkaria), and Beslan was 13 years old. Parents initially forbade the boys to do - fascinated training, they quickly started studying and household chores. But after the first tournament of Beslan, where he won only one fight, his father changed his attitude. Until 2007, he combined the guy, and quite successfully, sambo and wrestling, but in Armavir, where Mudranov moved to the famous coach Rudolf Baboyanu, adjacent trained wrestlers - Beslan and fell in love with this "fantastic" as he says, kind of sports. In judo Mudranova too, everything turned out. He could become an Olympic champion four years ago in London, but lost in the domestic selection Arsen Galstyan, which won the gold of the Games 2012.

Week in Rio: the Russian team all the medals

Khalmurzaev Hassan, 22 years old

Judo, category 81 kg, gold

The twins Hassan and Hussein Khalmurzaev constantly fought each child with a friend - parents bothered to find out who is right and who is punished, and Dad took the boys into judo section of native Nasir's Court (one of the districts of Nazran, Ingushetia), so they splashed their energy in training. Father died, when Hassan and Hussein was 14, but the guys continue to do, because he always believed in them and make sure that nothing is impossible. Now Hassan - Olympic champion. His twin brother, Hussein, too strong judoka acts heavier weight class, and the Olympics-2016 could not be selected because of what happened at the wrong time of appendicitis. In Rio he came in as a sparring partner's brother, and in Tokyo 2020 is scheduled to fight for the medals.

Week in Rio: the Russian team all the medals

Egoryan Yana, 22 years old

Fencing, saber, gold

Jan was born in Yerevan, but went to school in the Moscow suburb of Khimki, where her family moved. Until the fifth grade fencing is seen only in the movies about the Musketeers, but when the coach Sergey Semin came to recruit children under the section of the medal and showed her pupils, Ian lit victorious dreams. Though not for long - hard training with crosses, push-ups and jumping almost forced her to quit studies. Jan stayed to spite my mother's reproaches: "Slabachka, nothing can bring to the end." And, as it turned out, not in vain. In 2010 Egoryan two gold at Youth Olympic Games, and in the final match of the Rio 2016 in one injection defeated his idol and teammate - experienced Great Sophia.

Week in Rio: the Russian team all the medals


Deriglazova Inna, 26 years,

Fencing Foil Gold

Mama Ina Deriglazova initially disapproved of interest daughter to fencing, saying that not a woman thing - rapier waving. But other sports clubs nearby Kurchatov was not, and the hazardous nature of Ina demanded implementation. Fencing seemed curious girl, and finally dragged first successes. This fall in fencing section (in the first class) will have 7-year-old daughter Diana Ina. However, she dreams of some other work for my mother - so that she could one day come home, and did not pass because of the fees and the competition her birthdays.

Week in Rio: the Russian team all the medals

Women's Team Archery

Team competition, Silver

Ksenia Perova, Tuyana Dashidorzheva and Inna Stepanova in 2015 won the World Cup and the Olympic tournament as favorites, but the girls from South Korea were more accurate in the final.

Week in Rio: the Russian team all the medals

The women's team gymnastics

Team all-around silver

Aliya Mustafina, Seda Toutkhalian Angelina Melnikova, Maria Paseka and Daria Spiridonov did the maximum: the level of the US women's gymnastics is now so high that the first US team is not even discussed.

Week in Rio: the Russian team all the medals

men's team gymnastics

Team all-around silver

The men's team for the first time in 16 years to get a place on the Olympic podium, losing more than 2, 5 points ahead of strong Japanese and three-tenths of the Chinese team. The authors of the long-awaited success: David Bielawski, Denis Ablyazin, Nikolai Kuksenkov, Ivan and Nikita Nagorno Stretovych.

Week in Rio: the Russian team all the medals

Yulia Efimova, 24 years

Swimming breaststroke, 100m, Silver

Efimov admitted to the Olympics after a long doping proceedings (in its summary, there are a disqualification for doping and a half years, and in spetstrebovaniyam IOC to the Russian national team athletes with doping problems in the past denied the right to participate in the Games), the charges and the court of appeals - the final decision was announced for two days before the first start. Efimova was second in the one hundred meters breaststroke at the whistle of the stands and did not receive congratulations from King Lily champion from the United States. In the final swim of 200 meters it is no longer whistling, but Julia again got the silver, and the victory - Japanese woman Kaneto.

Week in Rio: the Russian team all the medals

Olga Zabelinskaya, 36

Cycling, road race with separate start, silver

Dreary doping trial in 2014 was almost deprived of the opportunity to speak Zabelinskii in Rio - the IOC demanded to ban Russian athletes with doping stories in the past to participate in the Olympics. Olga arrived in Brazil in the collection, not even all the necessary equipment with them took, but eventually received permission to go to the start and added two bronze medals at London 2012 Silver Rio 2016.

Week in Rio: the Russian team all the medals

Batsarashkina Vitalina, 19

Shooting, air pistol, 10m, silver

Vitalina taught to shoot my grandfather, a passionate hunter. He also took her to the shooting range, where the girl initially did not like it, but now Vitalina - silver medalist. Parents shocked.

Week in Rio: the Russian team all the medals

Sofia Velikaya, 31 years

Fencing, saber, silver

Silver medalist of the London 2012 has been the main favorite saber tournament, but lost in the final thrust younger rival. Fortunately, in Rio she has another chance to finally become an Olympic champion - in the team competition.

Week in Rio: the Russian team all the medals

Natalia Natalia Kuziutina, 27

Judo, category to 52 kg, bronze

Natalya won the first for Russia in the women's judo medal for the first time since 2004, but was upset - was ready for gold.

Week in Rio: the Russian team all the medals

Vladimir Maslennikov, 21

Shooting Air Rifle, 10m, bronze

Before the launches of charge Vladimir is completely disconnected from the outside world - communicates only with the coach and psychologist. On the eve of the Olympic final in Rio 2016 with the coach to divine logic puzzles

Week in Rio: the Russian team all the medals

Timur Safin, 24 years

Fencing Foil bronze

In Russia there was no Olympic medals in men's foil since 2000, but Timur Safin in a difficult, nervous match for third place beat age Briton Richard Kruse.

Week in Rio: the Russian team all the medals

Anton Anton Chupkov, 19

Swimming, breaststroke, 200 m, bronze

In Anton's pool resulted in 5 years, after 14, at his first Olympics, he won a medal. In the final, he retained power in the ending, and whether the distance to 5 meters long, Anton Chupkov sure, would have caught up with the leader - Dmitry Balandin from Kazakhstan.

Week in Rio: the Russian team all the medals

Aliya Mustafina, 21

Gymnastics, individual all-around bronze

After the team competition, where the Russian team was the second, Mustafina announced to journalists that the main goal of the Olympics has made. But after a day Aliya smoothly, confidently took the all-around program of personal and added to its rich Olympic collection has one bronze medal. Two first places played between an American.

Week in Rio: the Russian team all the medals

Women's team epee fencing

Team competition and bronze In the individual tournament, one of the three representatives of the Russian team did not advance beyond the first match, but in the team competition Logunov Tatiana, Violetta Kolobov, Love Shutov and Olga Kochneva tuned to a rematch - and took the bronze.

Week in Rio: the Russian team all the medals

Evgeny Rilov, 19

Swimming, spin, 200 m, bronze

At the April championship of Russia performance of the young spinista Rylova, who won the two distances, with exceptional commented enthusiastically: "It's a blast." From Rio Olympic Eugene takes home bronze at dvuhsotmetrovke and updated European record.

Week in Rio: the Russian team all the medals

Kirill Grigorian, 24 years

Shooting, rifle, prone position, 50m, bronze

Last year, Cyril changed his rifle and brought back two medals from the Summer Universiade in Gwangju South Korea. In Rio 2016 after qualifying he had a second result, and led - with an Olympic record - a colleague of the Russian national team Sergey Kamensky. However, in the final victory was celebrated by German athlete Henry Yunghenel, the second was Kim Jong-Hyun of South Korea, and bronze nastrelyal Grigoryan.