10 unrealistically steep services for the richest

Money can buy, if not all, then a lot. And even such services, which you did not realize before. And if I guessed it would have found that this niche is already occupied by someone else on the market. Oh, those whims of the rich! Before you - a small excursion into the world of unusual services for the richest.

10 unrealistically steep services for the richest

The company, which promises good weather for a wedding for 100 thousand dollars

10 unrealistically steep services for the richest

How would any steam thoroughly planned every detail of their wedding, the weather - something that is impossible to predict. At least it was until now. The company Elite travel Oliver's Travels offers wealthy clients package "Perfect Wedding Day", in which promises to control the weather, just some 100 thousand dollars. The company employs a team of professional meteorologists and pilots who fly planes over the clouds and spray them silver iodide. This substance causes the clouds to burst and scatter.

Dispel the clouds came up in the late 1940s. This procedure was used during the summer Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008, to avoid rain during the opening and closing ceremonies of the Games. Also, this method was used on the day of the wedding of Prince William and Duchess Kate in 2012.

Uber offers helicopter flights to avoid the terrible traffic jams in Sao Paulo

10 unrealistically steep services for the richest

Order a taxi service through the app pleased with the inhabitants of São Paulo, who are upset because of the terrible traffic jams on city roads by offering helicopter flights. Uber decided to try this pilot project during the month of June, and began to carry its customers helicopters between airports, hotels and conference centers. Air taxi is still the privilege of the rich, but Uber hopes to make a difference. Promotion starts at $ 19 per seat for a journey from Helicentro Morumbi in one of the richest areas of Sao Paulo to the hotel Blue Tree on the other side of the river. A distance of about 6 km in distance. This is the cheapest service in the list, but still be able to fly to the party on the helicopter - very cool.

Advisor, which offers psychotherapy for the rich

10 unrealistically steep services for the richest

Discover this Clay Cockrell. Previously, he worked on Wall Street, but now he is a psychotherapist in Manhattan. On what he specializes in? Of course, to very rich people problems! In an interview with The Guardian he said: "We are all taught to be sympathetic, do not judge, and so many rich people feel that their problems - not the real problem. But they are real. Many therapists do not give due importance to these issues. "

Mostly American pop culture teaches the masses that hate people - this is normal, especially if they are rich. In addition, the rich people are often isolated and have difficulty in forming intimate relationships. They are going through the same difficulties that ordinary people, such as mourning because of the loss of a loved one, or sad because of failed relationships, but poor people often dismiss difficulties when it comes to the rich man.

The man who takes from 2, 5 to 80 thousand dollars for something to decorate your Christmas tree

10 unrealistically steep services for the richest

Bob Prang - Stylist Christmas trees. He is in this case a great professional. When about 30 years ago, he worked in a Macy's store during the Christmas holidays, he was approached by a well-known actress with a request to find a man who would decorate the Christmas tree for her. And he took this job. Prange and his business partner Debi Steron opened the company Dr. Christmas in 1984. One of the first clients was Kathy Hilton, an American actress, designer and philanthropist. She introduced Prang with beau monde in Los Angeles. Since then, he was decorated for the holidays houses of Hollywood stars, including Christie Alley, Kate Hudson, Christina Aguilera, Mark Wahlberg, and Barbra Streisand.

Its services are from 2, 5 to 80 thousand dollars. He starts with a half-hour consultation to decide on the style, budget and timeline. "I propose that the name of the package Honda, Lexus and Rolls Royce", - says the stylist.

Another advantage is that the company takes on the dismantling of scenery and works not only with stars, but also to conventional and corporate clients.

The woman who will collect and properly pack the things your children before sending them to a summer camp for $ 1,000

10 unrealistically steep services for the richest

If you are - rich and prepared by a parent, you are sure to send their children to an exclusive summer camp. But what do you do when the camp administrators send you a list of things you need to take with you, and you do not have time to pack it all into a suitcase of your child? You call a professional - Barbara Reich.

Barbara - a professional personal adviser to restore order. In the past few years, she and other professionals to restore order found that there is a demand for fees of wealthy children to summer camp. Two years ago, she was the only one order in the past - already five, and this - ten, although the season is not over yet. Some customers even ask that it reproduced the room of the child and make him feel at home in the camp. Reich takes $ 250 per hour, but the fees of one child helping her earn $ 1,000. For many customers, it is worth it.

The company, which for $ 53 million to make a panoramic roof in your private plane

10 unrealistically steep services for the richest

If you can not get a window seat during the flight, most likely, you do not feel all the charm of traveling by air. With the stiff legs, tired and irritated, you are flying through the air at a speed of 1000 km / h in a metal tube in thousands of kilometers above the earth. If that reminds you of it, so it's a panoramic roof, which can be installed, if you have a private jet and a lot of money.

This is the core design of the Brazilian manufacturer Embraer aircraft, which offers design Airship Kyoto. This concept the company introduced in 2015 and is ready to take orders. Customers who bought Embraer Lineage 1000E for 53 million dollars, ask for a cabin on the perimeter of the transparent windows so that passengers can enjoy unique views.

The company claims that such windows is quite easy to install, you just cut a few extra holes in the fuselage. Windows - this is an additional load which can affect the efficiency of the engine, but this is a concern of the manufacturer, not the wealthy buyers.

The application for exploring one millionaire with other

10 unrealistically steep services for the richest

Application Luxy, is jokingly referred to as Tinder for rich guys - one of the few applications aimed specifically at elite. Application widely used by businessmen, investors, celebrities, models and artists. It can browse the profiles and communicate with other users who you interesting. In addition, there is a tab Luxy "themes and moments of" (Topics and Moments), which allows you to communicate with the users with whom you have not yet joined, but share common interests. In each profile, the name, age, gender and location, as well as your favorite brands and annual income. So you can only select the cream of society. In order to verify the information Luxy requires that users download the distinct copies of passports, tax receipts, bank statements and other documents confirming the financial position of the user. To all this in, you can select Black service, in which a plurality of options to help you get a more accurate search results (for example, income filter).

Simply put, this is the app for some millionaires got acquainted with others. Of course, this is a great way to spend time and interact with people with similar tastes and incomes. Subscription application is from 12, 99 dollars a month, but only users with an annual income of more than 200 thousand dollars receive a confirmation profile.

The most expensive dinner in the world worth $ 2 million

10 unrealistically steep services for the richest

The most expensive in the world recently booked dinner for one happy couple in Singapore. Eight-hour event for $ 2 million to start with 45-minute helicopter flight over Singapore. Also, the price includes a trip to the Rolls-Royce with a chauffeur and private luxury cruise.

After the flight, travel and sailing couple delivered on the roof of the hotel Marina Bay Sands. Here they will wait for a panoramic view of Singapore, and ten thousand roses which filled the air with a pleasant scent. They will be entertained by live music while they enjoy a meal of 18 dishes in the modern Asian-tasting menu. The menu includes fresh European oysters with the foam of champagne, caviar, beluga albino, wild salmon from Alaska and tender fillet, fried on the apple wood, combined with world-class wines, including Champagne Salon 'S' Champagne harvest in 1988, the Domaine Leflaive Chevalier-Montrachet Grand Cru 2008, as well as the Oremus Tokaji Aszu 5 Puttonyos 1972. And that's not all! Happy couple will receive a nominal chopsticks engraved and diamond inlay and designer armchairs in which they will enjoy during dinner.

A ticket for $ 1 million on the Icelandic music festival

10 unrealistically steep services for the richest

In 2015, the Icelandic music festival Secret Solstice Festival has become famous in the media ticket for two for 200 thousand dollars. At that time it was the most expensive ticket for the festival's history. This year the organizers have significantly increased the price - up to $ 1 million. Nevertheless, this is a good proposal, since this sum includes many, including return tickets for six on a private plane from anywhere in the world, luxury six-room villa for seven nights in the heart of Reykjavik, a sumptuous dinner at the villa of the famous Icelandic chef, two luxury cars with chauffeurs at disposal around the clock, providing security to the entire trip, two private concerts by famous Icelandic artists, aerial tour of Iceland (with a break for lunch with champagne near re thermal source), guided observation of whales and dolphins, glacier walk at midnight in the summer sun, snowmobile glacier, and transfers the helicopter between all points.

Oh, we almost forgot about the music! For the money you get full access to the main festival, unlimited visiting VIP-zones wherever possible, access to a private bar Artists Bar (only for headliners and very distinguished guests) with food and drinks on the house. In addition, you will have access to the world's first (and already sold out) concert in the magma chamber of a sleeping volcano and a private session in the Icelandic geothermal complex Blue Lagoon. As a souvenir each person in your company to get exactly framed ticket with an engraving made from the Icelandic volcanic rock.

Manicure for 51 thousand dollars

10 unrealistically steep services for the richest

If your regular manicure upsets you, you need a glazed manicure. Nail Service Cherish ... ME promises to beautify your hands ten carats. In just 51 thousand dollars.

Believe it or not, this is not the only option inlaid with precious stones in the nails. Leighton Denny, chief specialist in manicure salon Urban Retreat in London, insert nine carats of diamonds in your nails cheaper in just 32 thousand dollars.