Dreams unfortunate people

Dreams unfortunate people

Photographer Chorio Manolach (Horia Manolache), inspired by the story of Mark Twain's "The Prince and the Pauper" started the project under the same name, which wants to show the poor people and not a dream come true.

The aim of this project show homeless people on the other hand, show their dreams, what they wanted to be, and tell their story. For this project, Horia photographed homeless people wherever he could find them: in the old and abandoned hotels, garage units, construction sites and in the streets.

As he Horio says: "Many of met people I have really a heart of gold and an unhappy fate of each of them had a dream which will of fate, did not come true, but my wife and I have tried at least not for a long time, but still realize.. their dreams with the help of his small mobile studio. "

Horio also wants to release a book on the project, on charges that occur on Kraudfandingovoy platform that will contain the stories of unhappy people, following the example of similar below.

Tsidila Tammy

Tammy dreamed of becoming a star in San Francisco and wanted to bring smiles to people, but alas. But most of all it's disappointing that her grandmother and her first husband took her children and do not allow her to see them.

Dreams unfortunate people


Frank from San Francisco with his wife and dog living in a makeshift trailer. Frank worked as a butler, but drug use led him to the street. Working today as a laborer for a construction company, Frank is afraid that the police will expel and rob him of his self-made house.

Unlike his wife, who wanted to become a ballerina, Frank agreed to take part in the project. This man was very kind to us, in spite of its poor state.

Dreams unfortunate people


Max - a veteran of two wars. He served in Vietnam and the Persian Gulf. From serving in the army for 43 years, but when he left the army, he left everything he had to leave the street. Max did not sit in one place, he traveled all over the world. Unfortunately, he became addicted to drinking, which is why he started having serious health problems.

Although Max did not say anything to us, but we learned that he has a wealthy daughter, who does not need her own father.

Dreams unfortunate people


Honey (nickname)

Honey ran away from her abusive husband. For a long time she was living in his car, but then the police took it from her, because of what she is forced to sleep on a bench in the park. Living on the street, Honey learned to play the ukulele (small 4-string guitar) and play the spoons. Because of her sweet voice called her honey, that this nickname and introduced it to us. And even though her life is more or less improved, she joined the small group that performs at small events, she always wanted to become akvalangistkoy and swim among the fish.

Dreams unfortunate people


Bill was framed on the job because of what he became wanted by the police. He had a choice, or to flee the country or go to jail and Bill chose the former. By participating in this project, Bill would like to get good photos, which would be evident that he was all right, for that would send them his sick mother.

Dreams unfortunate people


Henry a former drug addict and alcoholic, but he was tied up with the past, because of which all lost and at this point in time with the organization, which takes care of the homeless.

Dreams unfortunate people


Mike was one of the first who took part in this project. He is originally from Ohio, but was forced to leave their country in order to avoid prison, because of the fact that he was caught by the police while smoking marijuana. Now he is trying to establish a new life in San Francisco, along with charity, which provided him a roof over his head and work.