10 most expensive theft in the history of mankind

It happens that the love of money causes people to go to the crime, and theft - the simplest and most effective way. In our review of the ten most acclaimed and most expensive theft. Some of the stolen artifacts have since been found, while others have disappeared without a trace, but the hope that they will find the remains.

10 most expensive theft in the history of mankind 10 most expensive theft in the history of mankind

The bones of Tyrannosaurus rex

Tyrannosaurus - a bipedal carnivore with a massive skull that balances hard and long tail. His front paws in comparison with the rear were very small, but extremely powerful. This is considered the largest lizard species in its family and the largest land predator in the history of our planet.

In 1945, the remains of this dinosaur, and then his entire skeleton were discovered in Mongolia. In 2012, a certain Eric Prokopi stole some bones, and decided to sell them for 1, 1 million dollars. Grief-seller was in prison, and returned the bones to the museum.

10 most expensive theft in the history of mankind

painting "The Scream" by Edvard Munch

"Creek" - a series of paintings by expressionist painter Edvard Munch created in 1893-1910 years. four versions of the painting was created, and on each displayed screaming in frustration human figure against a background of generalized landscape background and a blood-red sky.

In 1994, the painting was stolen from the National Gallery, but after a few months back in place. In 2004, "The Scream" and several other works stolen from the Munch Museum. We returned them only in 2006, but with injuries. In May 2008, after the restoration of the painting was returned to the display.

10 most expensive theft in the history of mankind

Ruby shoes

In 1939 he was released the film "The Wizard of Oz" in Hollywood, became one of the most successful in the history of cinema. The film used four pairs of slippers, which are substantially different from each other. In these so-called ruby ​​slippers in the movie I went to Dorothy main character, whose role is played by Judy Garland. One of the pairs of ruby ​​slippers was in the Judy Garland Museum in Minnesota. But in 2005, they disappeared from the museum, and still do not know where this legendary pair of shoes. slippers cost is estimated at 203 million dollars.

10 most expensive theft in the history of mankind

Faberge Eggs

jewelry series of Carl Faberge, known as Faberge eggs, created in 1885-1917, respectively. Total 71 Easter surprise, of which 52 eggs jewelers follow the emperor's order was created. To have survived all 62 eggs, out of which emperor - 54. The others are considered lost and disappeared without a trace. It remains to add that at the turn of XIX-XX centuries the value of each Faberge eggs ranged from 1500 to 28 300 rubles.

10 most expensive theft in the history of mankind

Stradivarius Violin

Antonio Stradivari - the master, the famous manufacturer of very high quality and most expensive stringed instruments. Widely known musical instruments, which were made in the period from 1689 to 1725.

The famous violinist Erica Morini (1904-1995) played the Stradivarius violin made in 1727. One day someone broke into her apartment and stole the legendary violin. Morini died, and the violin has never been found. The cost of this unique instrument is currently estimated at 3, 5 million dollars.

10 most expensive theft in the history of mankind

Van Gogh Paintings

Vincent van Gogh, Dutch painter postimpressionist, ten-odd years has created more than 2,100 paintings, of which about 860 oil paintings. But really it became famous only after his death. Even small of his paintings were worth fabulous money.

From the Van Gogh Museum are two paintings were stolen in Amsterdam - "Sea View at Scheveningen" and "Old Church Tower at Nuenen," the total cost of which is estimated at $ 30 million. The thieves were caught, put in jail, but the paintings in the museum and did not return.

10 most expensive theft in the history of mankind

Castor Cellini

"Salieri" - a gold statuette of a board, which in 1543 produced a jewelry master Benvenuto Cellini for the French King Francis I. This artifact is considered the top arts and crafts era of Mannerism. In addition, it is the only work of the great master, whose attribution is not in doubt.

It is known that in 1570 King Charles IX gave "Salieri" Tyrolean Ferdinand, attended his engagement to Elizabeth. Until the XIX century "Salieri" remained a gem of Innsbruck Castle Ambras, and then it moved to the Austrian capital in the Museum of Fine Arts.

May 11, 2003 "Salieri" stolen from the museum, which at that time was under repair. While the cost of figurines is estimated at more than 50 million euros, the Austrian authorities for the return of this unique salt shakers offered a total of 70 thousand euros, explaining that the work of art of this level is simply impossible to sell. January 21, 2006 police found "Salieri" buried in a lead box in a forest near the town of Zwettl.

10 most expensive theft in the history of mankind

The Empire State Building

102-storey skyscraper in Manhattan in New York City once, too, had been stolen. However, the theft it was not real, but only a provocation. 90 minutes, two journalists Daily News managed to forge documents in the possession of the building. They showed the officials the documents are not signed by a notary public, and the legendary bank robber - Willie Sutton. But no one noticed a dirty trick. All day journalists possessed one of the most famous skyscrapers, and then admitted that the documents were fake, and they went on it to demonstrate that the prevailing confusion can even steal the Empire State Building.

10 most expensive theft in the history of mankind


In 1994 there was the largest theft of jewelry in France. Three armed men robbed a jewelry store in the Carlton Hotel. They stole jewelry at 30 million pounds, which is rumored to have belonged to one of the most famous French jewelers Alexander Reza. It later emerged that the machines were loaded with blank bullets.

"Mona Lisa"

But one of the most audacious thefts in history was the kidnapping of the Louvre the world famous "Mona Lisa" painted by the great master Leonardo da Vinci. In 1911, Vincenzo Perugia was working at the Louvre glazier. Once he noticed that the painting no guards, and could not resist the temptation to steal it. He just took a picture from the wall, he pulled out of the frame, put the "Mona Lisa" under his coat and went home.

Two years the picture was stored in his apartment in a suitcase with a double bottom. Detained a thief, when he tried to sell the painting in Italy.