Diseases of the last celebrities

Medicine does not stand still, and in our time, even the doctors are able to diagnose the disease, which affects, for example, only five people on the planet. What is particularly surprising, modern level of medicine and science can diagnose long since dead people. Sometimes posthumous diagnosis reveals the life and death of celebrities of the past in a radically new light.

Diseases of the last celebrities

Anton Chekhov: did not have to die of tuberculosis

The outstanding Russian writer and playwright for years suffered from tuberculosis and at the end of life is very weak, so it is not surprising that the popular notion that tuberculosis Chekhov and killed. A more formal version of a heart attack due to the too strong attacks of coughing and tuberculosis weakened heart.

Diseases of the last celebrities

However, in our time, we studied the blood on the shirt, which Anton Pavlovich died, and found not only the tuberculosis bacteria, but also the biological substances, concomitant formation of blood clots. This gave powerful basis to suggest that Chekhov killed stroke: blood vessels in the brain were blocked, their walls have not sustained blood pressure and burst.

But the Polish composer Chopin actually died from tuberculosis. Scientists decided to test the legend that the genius of the heart according to his will immured in one of the columns of the Church of the Holy Cross in Warsaw. Despite the fact that the Minister of Culture of Poland was trying to prevent the opening of the columns, the researchers still found in some of them walled heart and inspected the container with the body.

Diseases of the last celebrities

Chopin's heart is immured in the tower of the church.

Heart appeared filled with cognac and had all the signs of the changes that occur in tuberculosis. Actually, the complication that the disease gave the heart, Chopin and killed.

The Prince Albert: did not die of grief

Legendary British Queen Victoria chided one of his sons that his father, her husband, Prince Albert, sick from a stomach ulcer of grief after learning that her son visited prostitutes. Ulcer if flowed into cancer of the stomach, so that it appeared that Albert died through the fault of his son.

Diseases of the last celebrities

The artist Frederick Richard Say.

Modern doctors by studying the symptoms of the disease, from which Albert suffered before his death, came to the conclusion that Prince died from Crohn's disease. Now it is not known exactly what causes its appearance and development, but so far none of the diseases researchers did not notice due to the carry-forward of grief. Perhaps Albert just had a genetic predisposition to it.

By the way, about the inheritance: as you know, Victoria gave almost all imperial dynasty of Europe, including Russia, the gene of hemophilia, a disease in which bleeding is difficult for a long time does not stop. Parents and families of parents of Victoria from this disease do not suffer, so that Victoria's mother even suspected of being unfaithful to her husband.

Diseases of the last celebrities

Due to illness, which Victoria gave grandchildren, I began to suspect that she had no right to the throne.

Influence the health of parents for a long time on the health of children considered only from the mother, and only recently began to study the effect on the children's father status. Thus it was found out, for example, that under the influence of harmful substances or age "internal plant" father begins to issue "unformat". The older the father, the better to conceive a child with autism ... or hemophilia, because the higher the chance for a father to give sperm with genetic damage. Victoria's father at the time of conception was forty-one years, so probably her mother for nothing suspect and dad should not have pull with the heirs so long.

Caravaggio: fight - harmful

Death Caravaggio long puzzled biographers, but in our time, examining the teeth of the famous painter, scientists have discovered that he was infected with Staphylococcus aureus, and therefore, most likely, and died. And he had contracted during the bloody fight, to get involved in that at all very fond of.

Diseases of the last celebrities

Michelangelo suffered from severe pain in his hands.

Another famous painter of the Italian Renaissance, Michelangelo, is not suffering from gout. Judging by the portrait and description of the symptoms, his hands were destroyed by degenerative osteoarthritis, and not the last role in his development was played by the amount of work that Michelangelo from his youth was taken to carry out. He literally worn out joints themselves constant load. The artist was very stubborn and continued to work, even when the pain could not write letters and had to dictate them.

Elvis Presley: it is not a drug

Traditionally accepted blame Presley doctors that they are prescribed too many drugs containing sedatives and hypnotics king of rock 'n' roll, with the result that he once received an overdose of prescription drugs to him. However, modern researchers have discovered that a number of Presley genetically determined health problems, including - cardiomyopathy. The heart of a healthy person could have survived all the prescribed drugs to Elvis, and destroyed the innate (and progressive over time) disease can not cope.

Diseases of the last celebrities

So the ambiguous circumstances of the death of Alexander the Great. Assumptions somehow revolved around the poisoning - for example, an excess of alcohol. But die with repolarization twelve days - a bit too long. The study of the symptoms suffered by the great commander, suggesting a high probability, Alexander actually poisoned. But it is a non-trivial way. Most likely, the commander took as a medicine plant called white cheremitsa. It must not be mixed with alcohol, and doctors usually warn about it. Whether the commander did not heed the advice of doctors, whether to self-medicate, and did not know some of the nuances, but by taking the medicine, he quietly participated in booze. The result we know.

Diseases of the last celebrities

The artist Heinrich Semiradsky.

Maria Callas: not forgotten how to sing

The famous opera singer whose rich voice uniquely admired the world, at some point if forgotten how to sing vzdorgivala shoulders instead of breathing chest, and stopped to take high notes cleanly. Many believed that the life of a millionaire Onassis her raznezhila, but modern doctors are sure that the singer suffered from dermatomyositis.

This disease affects the connective tissue and smooth muscles. When it affects the vocal cords, and the person loses the ability to breathe normally due to the fact that the diaphragm is not working as it should. That's why his voice has changed and that's why Callas could not breathe in the chest.