The actors of the series "Winter Cherry" Then and Now

• The actors of the series "Winter Cherry" Then and Now

In 1985 came the first season of the show "Winter Cherry", which won the love of hundreds of thousands of spectators. The images of the main characters, many of them recognized themselves, and the actors who played the main role, for many years identified with their characters. What is interesting is that many of them in real life repeat the fate of his characters ...

The actors of the series The actors of the series

Elena Safonova Then and Now | Photo:

Both the critics and the audience were unanimous in saying that the success of the series was largely provided by a brilliant cast:. Elena Safonov, Vitaly Solomin, Larisa Udovichenko, Nina Ruslanova Ivars Kalnins, Alexander Lenkov, etc. In the first year, "Winter Cherry" looked 32 million viewers. They were not even aware of the fact that the original role of the main characters were supposed to Natalia Andreichenko and Sergei Shakurov, but they both refused to shoot.

The actors of the series

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As a result, the main role went to Elena Safonova. She made her film debut as early as 1974, but only after "Winter cherry" came to her nation-wide popularity. The film was fatal for her, because after she began receiving new proposals from the directors. And women massively imitated her character, demanding in hairdressing to make them the same haircut. Few people know that the actress is largely repeated the fate of the heroine: she, too, had an affair with a married man, she had to also become a single mother, and then she, too, was married to a foreigner and leave the country. One day on the set Safonov met with French actor Samuel Labarthe, married him and moved to France. This marriage ended in divorce a few years later because of the unwillingness to put up with a spouse Safonovoj acting profession, and in 1996 she again returned home and continued to act in films. But his son had to leave my husband and I - by French law, to his age, he had to stay there. Since then, the actress lived in two countries.

The actors of the series

Vitali Solomin in the movie * * Winter Cherry in the last years of his life | Photo:

Vitaly Solomin, too, confessed that he had a lot in common with his hero. The widow of the actor said that during the filming of "Winter Cherry", he had a love affair with another woman, and he had long tossed about between them, not daring to make a final choice, and so not left the family - just like his hero film. The fact that his character has turned out such ambiguous caused a twofold reaction of the audience - many thanked the director and actor for the accuracy of the story and characters, but there were those who accused them of being the protagonist made unworthy character - the infirm and indecisive. After "Winter cherry" Solomin continued to act in films and act in the theater until the last days. He could probably still more than a year to please their fans with new roles, but in 2002 his life was suddenly cut short in April, Vitaly Solomin suffered a stroke, and a month later he was gone.

The actors of the series

Larisa Udovichenko in the movie * * Winter Cherry and today | Photo:

Ironically, Larisa Udovichenko also said that her character was her very close and clear - just as it is, the actress was disappointed in men. In the film, her character is put up with alcohol dependence of the elect, but in real life the actress had a chance encounter with a gambling addiction - her husband was Gennady Bulgarian gambling addiction. He lost to the casino and a huge amount of exposed family in danger. And the actress has decided to leave him after living together for 20 years. Since then, she does not trust men, and prefers to be alone. Today Larisa Udovichenko - one of the most popular and successful actresses of the national cinema. In their '63 she played more than 130 roles and is actively removed.

The actors of the series

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The similarity with the on-screen heroine noticed and fans of Nina Ruslanova - in her life she was a strong woman, too, who often have to cope with the difficulties of their own. However, the actress did not like once again drew parallels with her character: "No, I do not play myself. I this is not like the heroine. But the image of success! ". In his personal life, the actress was much happier her character - a single mother: more than 30 years she has lived in a civil marriage with her second husband, the operator Ravkatom Gabitov. Creative fate Nina Ruslanova also developed very successfully - it has played more than 170 roles in movies. Recently, 73-year-old actress is increasingly brings health - because of problems with the heart it is periodically in hospitals, but still keeps firmness and does not complain about destiny.

The actors of the series

Alexander Lenkov in the movie * * Winter Cherry in the last years of his life | Photo:

Unfortunately, there is no live actor, played the role of the unfortunate groom main character Benjamin - Alexander Lenkova. 4 years ago he passed away at the age of 70 years. His creative biography was very rich and intense - he has played more than 190 roles in movies. In his personal life he was also much happier his hero - his whole life he lived with a woman, whom he married while still a student.

The actors of the series

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