Real prototypes heroes of fairy tales

Real prototypes heroes of fairy tales

Heroes of many Russian fairy tales were real prototypes. And their names or distinctive traits formed the basis for nicknames Russian folklore characters. Below - how Fox became Patrikeevna and why Koshchey became known as the Immortal ...

Why Snake name Gorynych

This character is familiar to many tales about the heroes, with this monster fought brave fellows. But why is the serpent dragon? The thing is that his nickname is derived from the verb "to burn."

In many epics as a three-headed serpent described behemoth capable of belching flames, burning everything in its path. In addition, perhaps a nickname caused by the fact that in Slavic mythology was the god Gorynya, head of the element of fire.

Real prototypes heroes of fairy tales

There is another version of why the evil serpent got a nickname. According to it, the serpent lived in the mountains and caves of the mountains, and therefore became Gorynych.

But in some legends residence Gorynycha is not a cave, a clearing in the forest impassable or completely white stone chamber. Regardless of the place of residence, he still called Gorynych.

Why Koschey - Immortal

In Russian fairy tales Koschey - or Kashchei - Immortal is a permanent enemy heroes and notorious villain. But, according to one version, it was the prototype god Karatchoun - lord of darkness and cold, which was subsequently renamed Kashchei.

Real prototypes heroes of fairy tales

"Bag of Bones". Victor Vasnetsov

Also, some researchers believe Russian folklore that Koschey nickname associated with the word "koschun", which means "sorcerer". Indeed, in many tales Koschey could conjure, and possession of magic in Russia was a great sacrilege. It is connected with the name and appearance of the wizards: as a rule, they were bony elders. More one version Koschey name is derived from the Turkic word "Koshchi" - a slave, a prisoner. And indeed, a few tales Koshey is chained to the wall with strong chains.

And Immortal Koshchey called because his death was safely hidden in the egg, hidden in turn, in a variety of animals and birds.

Why Fox called Patrikeevna

Real prototypes heroes of fairy tales

quirky Fox from Russian fairy tales got its first name is not accidental. In the XIV century Lithuanian Prince Patrick became governor of the Novgorod prince. He was appointed the prince became podvorovyvat and weave various intrigues.

His squad became involved in robbery in the vicinity of Novgorod. Therefore, the people went to the habit to call the cunning and crafty people Patrickeyev. And this habit is reflected in the Russian fairy tale about the cunning fox, which received a patronymic.

Where did Tugarin Snakes

A few epics described as hero Alyosha Popovich again and again goes into battle with Tugarin Serpent. This character has a real prototype, which existed at the beginning of the XI century. So who was the prototype Tugarin Snake?

Real prototypes heroes of fairy tales

He was Khan of Polovets Tugorkan kind of Sharukanidov. Translated name of this genus means "snake". Han was pretty tough, so they frighten naughty children in the villages. And after the transfer of the name and the name kind of Khan on the Russian language, he became Tugarin Serpent.

Why Baba-Yaga Baba Yaga called

In Russian tales, Baba Yaga - an evil old woman, endowed with magical powers. According to one theory, the origin of its name is due to the character of the witch. Baba Yaga was always dissatisfied with something and would like the lime Ivanushka the kids to roast in the oven. And in Russia the evil and grumpy women called yagishnami.

Real prototypes heroes of fairy tales

"Baba Yaga". Victor Vasnetsov

According to another version, Baba Yaga was wearing a fur coat, vest, which is called the witch. It is also the name of Baba Yaga is associated with a ritual of the Gentiles.

They made a doll of a deceased person that was called "Baba" and believed that the spirit of the deceased dwell in it. After Babu wrapped in witch - coat sleeveless crosslinked fur outside, - and placed in a frame without windows and doors, placed on the pile.

So the name of Baba Yaga became associated with the other world, in some ancient epics, she was a conductor in the world of the dead.

Why Ivan called a fool

Many Russian fairy tales there is Ivan the Fool - a sort of simpleton, with who knows how to get out of any situation. His nickname he earned because before fools called honest people.

Real prototypes heroes of fairy tales

Fools do not steal, no one was hurt, and they were considered unfit to human life, bearing in mind that, since they are not profiting from someone else's grief, then, were unintelligent.

In addition, Ivan in fairy tales is always the youngest son in the family, having older brothers. They also called Ivan the fool, considering it an inexperienced youngster.