Ideas, which brought its authors 1 billion $

• Ideas, which brought its authors 1000000000 $

Ideas, which brought its authors 1 billion $

1st place - Michele Ferrero and family. Europe. $ 10 billion.

The idea: making peanut butter sandwich and toast for breakfast, including chocolate in the daily menu.

2 nd place - Brad Hughes. $ 5, 3 billion.

The idea: to comfort all who want to install along highways automatic lockers.

3 rd place - Ralph Lauren. $ 5 billion.

The idea: to stick to the usual polo shirt bright label with the image of a horse. Name the price of $ 50 and later to count their profits.

4th place - Jeff Bezos. $ 4, 4 billion.

The idea: release the buyers of books on long trips at a bookstore in search of the literature they need. Sell ​​books through the Internet.

5 th place - Ty Warner. $ 4, 5 billion.

The idea: release for sale a limited batch of cute teddy bear with a warm, touching the names. These toys are sold immediately after collector's item.

6 place - Caleo Yuvidiha, Thailand. Dietrich Mateschitz, Austria. $ 3, 1 billion, $ 3 billion (respectively)

The idea: the athletes and fans night parties selling energy drink based on sugar and caffeine, which is rich in vitamin C.

7 place - Mario Moretti Poligatto. Italy. $ 3 billion.

The idea: footwear which is designed for people suffering from the smell of sweat on his feet. Special insoles with small holes in the soles help to avoid unpleasant odor.

8 place - James Dyson. United Kingdom. $ 1, 6 billion.

The idea: to create a powerful vacuum cleaner, which is capable of sucking dust at a speed of 320 km / h and above. This speed allows you to pack dust tight and makes it impossible to emissions outside.

9th - Hans and Paul Raygeli, Germany. $ 1, 5 billion. (Each)

The idea: sell the sweet chewy candy of various shapes.

10 place - Howard Schultz, $ 1, 1 billion


The idea: Every corner of the house in America should have its own coffee shop.