Parents share pictures of children buried in Phones

• Parents share pictures of children who buried their phones in

Parents share pictures of children buried in Phones

53-year-old British comedian David Baddiel (David Baddiel) shared on his page on Twitter a photo of her son travel. Her boy so obsessed with what is happening in his phone, which does not pay attention to the beautiful landscape, lying in front of him. Photo comedian ironically signed: "My son, conquered the beauty of nature, as always."

Tweet from an ordinary, seemingly Photos (standard picture from a vacation with children) in five days scored 19 thousand likes and stirred up a small flash mob among parents. In response to the publication of Twitter users began to spread similar pictures of their children, who do not pay any attention to the beauty of the world, trade it to your smartphone.

My son, hypnotised and overawed as ever by the beauty of nature.

- David Baddiel (@Baddiel) April 13, 2018

David Baddiel posted a photo on April 13.

This made my holiday back in 2016! Could not stop laughing!

- Nick (@ fairynuff2u2) April 14, 2018

"My holiday in 2016 was not in vain. LOL. "

Mine tweeting up a tree.

- Clair (@ClairOverThere) April 13, 2018

"My tweets directly from the tree."

Namibian wilderness? Nah, YouTube. - Steve Godfrey (@godsteve) April 13, 2018

"The wild beauty of Namibia? Nope, YouTube. "

Mine completely engrossed by the moving and awe-inspiring Titanic museum in Belfast ...

- Rachel (@ rachelchristie3) April 13, 2018

"My children are completely absorbed exciting to chills Titanic Museum in Belfast."


- Susannah Leigh (@susieleigh) April 14, 2018

"The same."

I've one of those too. Here seen marvelling in the majesty of Caernarfon.

- AndyFov (@TheFogg) April 13, 2018

"make it" to enjoy a walk. ' "

I've one of those too. Here seen marvelling in the majesty of Caernarfon.

- AndyFov (@TheFogg) April 13, 2018

"I, too, have only one. In the photo admires the greatness of Carnarvon (an ancient city in the west of Wales). "

- Alice Bailey (@AliceHBailey) April 13, 2018

Kilve in Somerset, full of prehistoric fossils and on a beautiful day, the most important thing is Instagram apparently

- Dave Roberts (@ daveroberts68) April 13, 2018

"Kilwa, Somerset, is famous for prehistoric fossils in the street day, but it seems that instagram is more important."

Daughter waiting excitedly for the tour de Yorkshire last year - Jeanette Wilson (@ JenWilson7) April 14, 2018

"The daughter is looking forward to a tour of Yorkshire in the past year."

Spike, this time last year, lapping up the wonders of Venice.

- esme (@esme_g) April 14, 2018

"Spike reveling in the wonders of Venice, in the past year."

My then-15 year old on a trip of a lifetime to New England. Here he is enthralled by a beautiful sunset in Acadia National Park

- cheryl page (@pageyaus) April 15, 2018

"My 15-year-old son during a unique tour of New England. In the photo he is downright fascinated by the beautiful sunset in Acadia National Park. "

When the beautiful Spanish sunshine interrupts YouTube

- Diana Bourke (@DianaBo) April 15, 2018

"When a beautiful Spanish sunset interfere watch YouTube".

The author of the original tweet admitted that he did not expect such a large response. And some of the people are given a few tips on how to avoid a similar situation:

  • tell the children to unstick from the phone;
  • Do not take a charge for the phone;
  • have to take the phone only adult on the trip.