10 ways to save harmony without dieting

• 10 ways to save harmony without dieting

She eats a huge ice-cream and drinks at least a huge milkshake with three syrups. How she manages to keep such a gorgeous figure without dieting? That's how!

10 ways to save harmony without dieting

1. Drink water

This is useful not only for health in general, but also because we sometimes do not understand, we feel hunger or thirst after all. It is best not to drink soda, juice or tea with coffee and plain water. Put a bottle near and replenish as necessary.

2. Holidays are not every day

In the office, you eat buns with powdered sugar, then you go to a birthday to her friend, which is sure to have cake ... It is not necessary to use all the fun that you see within reach!

3. dined with friends

If the focus is not on food, and fellowship, you are guaranteed to eat less. And not in a hurry to finish with dinner faster than anyone: those who eat slowly saturate better.

4. Do not waste time on diet products

Foods low in fat or calories is good. But - in theory. The problem is that it contains a lot of carbohydrates, which are converted into sugars and may contribute to weight gain.

5. There is no "bad" food

Should not be considered a bad meal cookies and oatmeal - good. In the study, University of Toronto (Canada), people who are forbidden to eat chocolate for a week, and then suffered ate more chocolate than usual. If you try to forbid myself to eat it, it becomes literally obsessive vision!

6. The more rest

The dream is to become one of the major priorities for him to be sacrificed nearly everything else. Lack of sleep has hormonal effects that contribute to weight gain and increase appetite. As a result, you are seized by a lack of sleep high-calorie foods.

7. Avoid diet soda

Research on this matter is ambiguous. Some suggest that the weight does not increase, the other - that after such drinks would like to have more. The brain begins to want sugar. In addition, when you order Diet Coke may seem that you have saved on calories and can instead take a burger salad and chips.

8. Love to cook

Healthy eating will never get bored, if you know how to use herbs and spices. They improve the taste of food and reduce the amount of fat consumed. A red chilli and cayenne pepper help accelerate metabolism and burn some extra calories.

9. Do not count calories

There is a big difference between the calories from fast food and wholesome food. So fish, vegetables, chicken breast, whole grains and most fruits can be eaten without any restrictions.

10. Eat less sugar

The body can process a certain amount of sugar, and too much will accumulate in unexpected places. Food should give a feeling of fullness and joy, rather than demanding immediate vozleganiya on the couch to digest. So, maybe those two cookies were simply unnecessary?