The fate of Stalin's descendants

• The fate of Stalin's children

The fate of Stalin's descendants

As is known, according to official figures, Stalin had 3th own children: 2 sons (James and Basil) and daughter (Svetlana). It is clear that all of them are no longer alive, however, as no longer alive, and some of Stalin's grandchildren. As the fates of descendants of Joseph Dzhugashvili? Where they lived and what did you do?

The children of Jacob

Yakov Dzhugashvili, who died in a German concentration camp in 1943, managed to leave behind 2 children: son Eugene and daughter Galina. Evgeni was initially recorded on the last name of his mother Golysheva Olga Pavlovna, but soon after his father's insistence became Dzhugashvili. Stalin's grandson was in the military. At the time he graduated from the military academy 2 (im. Zhukovsky and them. Lenin). In the early 1990s, as a colonel, he retired. In addition, Evgeni studied history, politics and public life, and, as in Georgia and in Russia. He died 2 years ago, in 2016. He left 2nd sons: Jacob and Vissarion. Yakov became an artist and lives in Tbilisi and Vissarion - the director, he lives in the United States. Galina Dzhugashvili, Stalin's daughter, the eldest son, graduated from Moscow State University and became a philologist. She worked at the Institute of World Literature. At age 32, Galina Y. entered into a marriage with an Algerian Hussein bin Saad. The couple had a son Selim. In 2007, at the age of 69 years, Joseph Dzhugashvili, a granddaughter, died.

Children Basil

Vasily Stalin, who died in 1962, was the father of 2 daughters (Svetlana and Hope) and 2 sons (Basil and Alexander). The eldest of his children, Alexander bore the name of his mother - Burdonsky. He was a director and served in the Russian Army Theater. He died in 2017. Children at Burdonskogo was not.

Another son of Basil, his namesake, lived in Tbilisi. There, he became addicted to drugs and was shot in '23.

Svetlana Stalin suffered from mental illness and died, not having lived a few weeks before his 43rd birthday.

Nadezhda Stalin wanted to become an actress, and even studied at drama school, but to become a star it did not succeed. She was the wife of the adopted son of the writer Alexander Fadeyev. Married Nadine gave birth to a daughter. Granddaughter of Joseph Dzhugashvili died in 1999.

Children Svetlana

Svetlana Alliluyeva was married several times and has given birth to 3 children. Her eldest child of Joseph was the son of a scientist and lawyer Grigory Morozov. Sam G. Joseph became a cardiologist. He died at the age of 63, in Moscow.

Daughter Catherine appeared at Alliluyeva married to Professor Yuri Zhdanov. Unable to bear close attention to his life, Stalin's granddaughter went to Kamchatka. There she married. However, the union was short-lived: Catherine's husband committed suicide. Zhdanov was left alone with his daughter. Catherine Y. lives in Kamchatka, and to this day.

After emigrating to the United States, Svetlana Alliluyeva met with the American architect William Peters. In 1971, Svetlana gave birth to a daughter, Olga. Olga lives in the United States, now under a different name, Chris Evans, and does not speak in Russian.