American stereotypes in a photo project Joel Pares

• American stereotypes in a photo project Joel Pares

American stereotypes in a photo project Joel Pares

Joel Pares - the world-renowned photographer and artist computer graphics, working in Dallas. He grew up watching his father with a 35-mm camera and listening to mother's stories about the old days the model in Puerto Rico. This unusual combination of impact on the outlook of Joel and formed the basis for his work.

In his photo series called "condemning America" ​​Joel is trying to destroy the prejudices against a particular ethnic group. For each character its project photographer took two pictures - one showing how society sees this man because of his nationality and skin color, and the other portrait is a reflection of the reality of this man, his profession and personality.

That is, the photographer Joel Pares tried to convey to people the simple truth - do not judge by appearances. Not all blacks are gangsters, Hispanics - drug traffickers, and Muslims - terrorists. Jefferson Mun, a Harvard graduate.

Jack Johnson, pastor and missionary.

Sammy Lee, graduate student at Stanford.

Jacob Williams, a veteran of the war in Iraq.

Alexander Huffman, an artist with a worldwide reputation.

Ben Alvarez, founder of the assistance program for needy families.

Edgar Gonzalez, CEO of the company, which entered the top 500 Fortune (top 500 biggest companies in the world, which serves as a criterion of drawing up the company's revenue).

Joseph Messer, the creator of the application for the iPhone, has earned millions of dollars.

Sugar Shalim, a nurse in a city hospital in New York.

Jane Nguyen, a widow and mother of three children.

Let us next time when we start to invent human level of income, education and intelligence, basing their judgments only on its appearance several times think that we should not judge a book by its cover.