How to scare away the symptoms of autoimmune diseases

Autoimmune disease (the immune system is activated and begins to attack normal cells) can strike anyone. But 80% of the ill - women. Why - nobody knows, but it is believed that the problem is in the genes. In any case it is necessary to be on guard, because the number of cases is growing - over the past 50 years alone, it has tripled in the United States. What are autoimmune diseases and what to do with them?

How to scare away the symptoms of autoimmune diseases

Currently, more than 80 described diseases. Some have their own symptoms, but most of them are the same: fatigue, lack of strength, light temperature and various kinds of inflammation. Treatment depends on the problem, but includes, generally, anti-inflammatories, drugs that suppress the immune system, as well as antibiotics. It helps and diet with the exception of sweet and fast food, as well as stress reduction, elimination of toxins and treatment of the digestive system.

The earlier the disease is detected - the more likely it stop. Here are the most common diagnoses.

1. Rheumatoid arthritis

It affects about 4% of women, ie, every twenty-fifth. It manifests itself as a painful inflammation throughout the body, especially the arms, legs, shoulders, knees and hips. It differs from osteoarthritis: symptoms such as fatigue, fever, weight loss and appetite rapidly. But most importantly - in RA affects both sides of the body. Treat it with medicines from the heat and pain (aspirin, ibuprofen), drugs to suppress the immune system, as well as physical therapy to improve mobility.

2. Lupus

It appeared at the hearing in 2015, when in the presence of this diagnosis admitted the actress and singer Selena Gomez. Lupus sick about 1, 5 million people, and only 10% of them - men. The disease affects the joints, skin, kidneys, heart, lungs - in other words, almost the entire body. Because of this, lupus can be a variety of symptoms, making it difficult to diagnosis. This is a headache and discomfort in the hands and feet, and anemia, and bluish fingers on a small cold ... For the treatment using steroids and medicines that reduce the load on the internal organs.

3. Hashimoto's Syndrome

This type of thyroiditis occurs when the immune system attacks the thyroid gland. It can occur in both adults and children. Symptoms: discomfort in the neck, fatigue, weight gain, hormonal surges, muscle pain, cold hands and feet, dry skin and nails, hair loss, fever, depression, short-term memory loss, change in voice. Treatment - hormonal.

4. Psoriasis

Disease of the skin to grow faster than necessary in which the cells. Suffer from both men and women. The most common plaque psoriasis, where spots appear on the skin, covered with a white layer of dead cells. "Favorite" places - the head, knees, shoulders and back. Sell ​​special moisturizers, but also shows light therapy and a special diet.

5. Psoriatic arthritis

Can develop without the original psoriasis. Most often it affects the large joints that hurt and become useless. Well to treatment in the early stages.

6. Sjogren's Syndrome

The immune system attacks the salivary, lacrimal gland and others. Reduced generation secret, resulting in "dry eye syndrome", dryness of the vagina and mouth. Added leg pain and constant fatigue. It suffers from this syndrome prince tennis player Venus Williams. It is believed that the problem is in the genes, and some viruses or bacteria, but some doctors believe that also affect the endocrine and nervous systems. Treatment - the symptoms.

7. Scleroderma

Characterized by an overproduction of collagen, it affects 24 people out of a hundred thousand. The skin becomes thicker and harder to walk - difficult. Also, thickened tissue in the kidneys, lungs and digestive tract. You can relieve the symptoms of a variety of drugs, as well as engage in physical therapy to preserve mobility.