Soviet cars that are ahead of time

• The Soviet cars that are ahead of time

For the domestic automobile industry (including Soviet) is firmly entrenched stereotype that home designers and engineers can not create a truly first-class car. Including a car that could beat his time. In fact it is not. Soviet engineers have created more than one or two cars that were able to impress not only countrymen but also foreigners.

Soviet cars that are ahead of time

1. GAZ-3105

Soviet cars that are ahead of time

It was a good try. | Photo:

Electric drive of seats, climate system, 4x4, power steering, adjustable column, power windows, and it is not a complete list of interesting "chips" that Soviet designers were able to push in a GAZ-3105. Under the elongated hood "hiding" a powerful V8 engine, and the body had excellent aerodynamics. Such "Volga" has not yet seen. At the Brussels Motor Show in 1992 the car created a furor. Unfortunately, the exhaust gas-3105 only until 1996. Automotive production in those years turned out too expensive, and the car did not find a buyer.

2. NAMI "Ohta"

Soviet cars that are ahead of time

Made in the USSR. | Photo:

One of the most interesting car prototypes ever made, Soviet designers. VAZ-2108 was surprising not only for its exterior design. The most interesting was inside. Salon convertible has become a new word in the decoration of domestic cars. The car was fully electronic instrument panel, and even had a retractable spoiler, which appears only when driving at a certain speed. The car attracted a lot of positive ratings at the Geneva Motor Show at the end of 1980. Unfortunately, the project has buried "Perestroika" and the subsequent collapse of the country.

3. MAZ-2000

Soviet cars that are ahead of time

ironic subtitle. | Photo:

Soviet engineers were in impressive achievements in the field of commercial vehicles. Thus, in the years of perestroika in Minsk engineers developed and built tractor with the most daring design in the history of the domestic automobile industry. The car stood out as very unusual modular design. The car was so impressed designers from Japan and the United States, that in 1990 (when the Soviet Union was gone and started a terrible crisis), they bought all project technologies MAZ-2000. Of the two assembled tractors up to now remained only one. Now he decorates entrance of the plant.

4. AZLK "Istra"

Soviet cars that are ahead of time

The doors opened up. | Photo:

A special place among the latest developments of the Soviet automobile industry are not unduly takes this one car. At the time, engineers AZLK tried to create a "future car". The car is "stuffed" all sorts of gadgets and accessories. Especially interesting to look at this unusual duralumin body with doors which open upwardly to facilitate boarding. Fed motor "Istria" is not gasoline or diesel, and processed rapeseed oil. During the drive display devices of all output to the windshield.

5. Moskvich-2139 "Arbat"

Soviet cars that are ahead of time

It looks quite decent. | Photo:

Finally, mention should be made of such a Soviet car as "Arbat". The car was created on the decline of the Soviet Union. The main feature is the use of auto steering with one needle, and the combination of it electrical appliances. The car was supposed to be a "people's minivan." However, as is the case with the projects described above, all the good and bright beginnings domestic designers buried the country's disintegration and the subsequent crisis.