Ugly actress who loves the camera and millions of viewers

There is a myth that if a woman is unattractive - neither the directors nor the audience will never appreciate her acting talent, so that the point in the movie to go there. At best, you will be able to make a career in comedy, a minor character. But we have a list of actresses who deny this great legend.

Ugly actress who loves the camera and millions of viewers

Tilda Swinton

Internet is full of such feedback on the Hollywood star as "Mrs. The alien", "the female praying mantis" and similar estimates. Indeed, the types of Swinton Hollywood beauties far: growth without droplets meter eighty, forms virtually no, eyelashes, too, is not enough ... claims list could be endless, but what is their meaning when we talk about the winner of the "Oscar" and a BAFTA (apart from some other)?

Range of roles Captured Swinton is very wide: from the fabulous (like the White Witch and eternally living Orlando) to highly dramatic (like the mother of the criminal in "We Need to Talk About Kevin"). She got the role and heroines who meant very attractive - Isabella of France, who seduced the English baron, to overthrow him with her husband, or of Emma, ​​"I - it's love." On Web sites, the secret confessions of love is totally dedicated to Tilda Swinton. It seems that it is - an extremely attractive female mantis.

Ugly actress who loves the camera and millions of viewers

Whoopi Goldberg

When we say that an inheritance durnushek - comedy, give us examples of it Goldberg. Indeed, in the vast filmography Whoopi Goldberg (more than a hundred pictures!) Are a lot of comic pictures. Even in the mystical drama "Ghost" role in Goldberg - very funny. As a small variety to comedy "Ugly Betty" also offer all sorts of tales - Whoopi starred in them. To begin with, certainly worth noting that Whoopi continued business Lucille Boyle, raising female comic roles to a new level - its contribution to kinoyumor even separately examined, and it is something so worth it.

But beginning Whoopi career with drama, starring in the film "The Color Purple," which has become a classic is now - and get paid for it "Golden Globe". Mark and the recent role Goldberg in "9/11" - a thriller based on real events, although the thriller was a disaster. Fans of Andrei Konchalovsky's films immediately remember a brilliant game GOLBERG in "Homer and Eddie" - in fact, in the role of Eddie, a terminally ill woman who escaped from a mental hospital, to travel while traveling.

Ugly actress who loves the camera and millions of viewers

Glenn Close

Record holder in the number of nominations for the "Oscar" of Internet users love to compare with men and mailboxes - for thin lips and small eyes. With the Type, like Close, it seems to be only two types of roles are possible: official's unpleasant and spinsters (emotional and not very much). In "Secret 7 sisters", the fantastic drama, it really plays to the official, and even what - the president, organized a secret mass murder. And in "Albert Nobbs", to the delight of those who call her looks "masculine", the heroine is dressed in a man Close and start completely masculine life.

But directors, unlike some Internet critics believe that talent Close is not limited, and therefore its role is very diverse: it is the main villain of Claire in the remake of "Stepford wives", the legendary Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine in "Lion in Winter", in love with his client lawyer maniac Alex Forrest, cunning and wicked Marquise de Merteuil ... The list is very dlinon.

Ugly actress who loves the camera and millions of viewers


Rossy de Palma

Fans of European cinema is considered the most ugly of the Spaniard actresses Rossy de Palma. The Russian audience does not love her as something special - perhaps Whoopi Goldberg resting. "Aunt horse" - one of the most polite names, which can be seen in the discussion of its photos or movies with her participation.

Meanwhile de Palma - model designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Thierry Mugler and the Sibyl, one of the European trendsetter, owner of his own perfume line and recognition muse of Almodovar. Like Goldberg, she often acted in comedies, for example, in the "high fashion" - and tragic love stories, such as the recent social drama "Madame". By the way, and then, and more worth seeing.

Ugly actress who loves the camera and millions of viewers

Alice Grebenshchikov

If you look through the discussion of "ugly" actresses of Russia, the most gets from the "grateful audience" daughter of the famous Russian rocker. The nose is not the same, the eyes are not there - in general, it is unclear how a person's face looks like.

Well, wherever the eyes of Alice - she demanded a theater and film actress. I remembered her audience on the first role in "American", a melodrama about the seventies. Among recent works, no doubt, a good thriller, "The teacher" where Alice plays a journalist who covered the event - although the image. prescribed in the film, I did not like real journalists.