Crimean monster: Myth or Reality?

The existence of monsters Karadag say for centuries. Rocky massif on the Crimean peninsula is of interest not only because of the legend - it is itself a unique natural phenomenon. Frozen millions of years ago fragments of a huge volcano formed a unique natural landscape, still unexplored until the end, especially in the underwater part, which may inhabit a being from the ancient past Karadag.

Crimean monster: Myth or Reality?

What is the Karadag?

Karadag (from Turkic - "black mountain") in its present form - is the result of a volcanic eruption that occurred about 160 million years ago. Karadag consists predominantly of rocks of volcanic origin, which form ridges and cliffs fanciful shapes. They are given names - for example, the rock Ivan Rogue, rocks King, the Queen and the Throne, and even business card Karadag - Golden Rock (or the Devil) gates. Karadag area is small - about ten square kilometers.

Crimean monster: Myth or Reality?

The area has long been popular - the remains of different settlements found near Karadag - the Scythians, Greeks, Turkish tribes and other peoples and cultures.

According to the locals, in Karadag is the heart - and you can hear him near the grotto called Howling - it juts out into the rock to a depth of several tens of meters. There is heard a rhythmic rumbling sound, and during a storm - a loud roar.

Crimean monster: Myth or Reality?

Karadag "serpent"

Legends around Karadag always there were a lot - and the scene of many events in Greek mythology was defined coastal waters and rocks of this massif. One legend says that some giant creature lives near Karadag.

Its existence once wrote Herodotus, and in more recent times, the sailors reported a vision of a huge creature that lived near the rocks. About monster knew Maximilian Voloshin, a poet who loved to local places and lived at the foot of Karadag, in the village of Koktebel.

Crimean monster: Myth or Reality?

In 1952, the monster met writer Vsevolod Ivanov, who visited the Karadag and described later happened in the autobiographical story "The Serpent":

"It was great, very large, 25-30 m, and the thickness of the table top desk if it turn sideways. It was under water half a meter, a meter and it seems to me, it was flat. The lower part of it was, apparently, white, how is it possible to understand the blue water, and the top - dark brown, which allowed me to take it for a weed.

I was one of the many millions of people who are destined to see this monster ...

Monster, writhing like snakes and floating, not quickly swam with dolphins Party. They immediately fled.

... hijacked and dolphins, may be, and without thinking them chase, monster curled up into a ball, and suffered for it right again. It again began to resemble a brown stone, overgrown with algae. The assignment to the middle of the bay, just to the place or about to where I saw him for the first time, the monster turned back and turned toward dolphins, suddenly raised his head above the water. Head in hands the size of similar magnitude was a snake! Eyes, I still have not seen, from which one can conclude that they were small. Holding the two-minute head above water - with it trickled large drops of water - monster whirled, his head down into the water and quickly uplylo the rock closes carnelian bay ... "

Crimean monster: Myth or Reality?

Find and prove to

According to various witnesses, being the length ranged from 20 to 30 meters head at the same time reminiscent of a dog, or the lizard head. Color varies - from white to dark. It is covered with scales. According to some reports, it has limbs (legs) and a long tail. Animal avoids appear out of the water for a long time, and some of the witnesses met the snake at a depth of - during diving or regular bathing.

Crimean monster: Myth or Reality?


It has been suggested that the "monster" is a kind of large fish, such as fish-belt, which reaches a length of 11 meters and has a pretty awesome view. However, this animal lives in the Mediterranean and in the warm waters of the oceans, and no evidence that a fish-belt could be in the Black Sea, no.

There is no evidence of Karadag snake. But there is a lot of circumstantial evidence - such as the stories of eyewitnesses, some of whom are very credible sources - research staff research projects, institutes, stations, leading work in this area.

Crimean monster: Myth or Reality?

chlamydoselachus - another candidate for the role of "the serpent," also does not dwell in the Black Sea

In addition to eyewitness accounts, there is other evidence of wearing a real character - it is the remains of dolphins. Everything points to the fact that in each of these cases, the dolphin's body was seized huge jaw and perekusheno one motion. Laboratory studies have been conducted, but there is documentary evidence and photos.

Since 1979 Karadag in order to preserve the natural complex mineralogical, flora and fauna of the reserve status assigned, and free entry to the territory of the array is closed. Visiting is possible only on the specified routes and accompanied by guides. The reserve is also part of the sea near Karadag. If the "serpent" is a reality, this mode helps him to be discreet.