Dog three weeks waited for his mistress the dead at the scene

• The dog waited three weeks of his mistress the dead at the scene

August 7 Kansas resident got into a terrible accident in Colorado. Her jeep crashed, the woman died, her adult daughter was in the hospital, and the dog named Bentley, who was also in the car was gone. They searched for him for three weeks, and the dog all the time waiting for the hostess him back.

Dog three weeks waited for his mistress the dead at the scene Dog three weeks waited for his mistress the dead at the scene

Jennifer Orr was driving behind the wheel of a jeep on the dangerous road in Colorado, when I saw in the way a large rock. The woman wanted to go round the barrier, turned the wheel, but the car was not kept on the road and fell into the gorge. Jennifer died, her daughter Samantha escaped with injuries and was hospitalized. With them in the car I was also dog Bentley. Apparently from a blow he was thrown from the car. But he could not find, nor living nor dead.

Residents of the area were mobilized and were combing the district, but the dog could not track down. Bentley once saw on a hill not far from the scene of the accident, but did not catch it. When Samantha came out of the hospital, she flew from Kansas to Colorado to find a favorite. She gathered a group of volunteers and went to the crash site. Bentley noticed on top of a hill overlooking the scene of the accident. The dog lay quietly between the rocks and looked down. To his mistress he was extremely reluctant. Bentley was frightened and suffered a terrible stress.

"I went up to him, pulled out some food and a new toy, which is bought for him."

Bentley revived, walked up to the hostess and finally allowed to pick up yourself home.

Video captures the moment where the happy reunion of the hostess with the dog, Samantha has posted on facebook.

Well, the house for the arrival of Bentley's thoroughly prepared.

"Bentley's home. If we only knew what those eyes have seen over the past 19 days. "

She thanked all those who helped her find a friend in such a difficult time for her family.

"My heart is broken. Thank you to everyone who made the repost, laykal, handing out leaflets, telling the others, he wrote good words or be kind one in a million other ways. There are so many great people, I am incredibly grateful. "