7 reasons to drink carrot juice

• 7 reasons to drink carrot juice

Phrase from the cartoon "Well, wait!" Know everything, but do not drink carrot juice is almost no one. And in vain! Dietary fiber, beta-carotene, antioxidants - carrots just full of useful substances for the organism. Here are its main advantages.

7 reasons to drink carrot juice

1. Strengthens the immune system

The disease season is particularly important. In addition to a healthy diet, sleep and sport, you can drink a glass of carrot juice, to which a lot of vitamin C. But it is known, the body itself can not produce.

2. Improves vision

This is known to almost everyone, and it's true: vitamin A - is not only a powerful antioxidant, but also an important nutrient resource for the eyes. Lack of vitamin A causes night blindness.

3. It helps not to eat junk food

When you want something to eat, you can grab a piece of candy or chips. But if, instead, to drink carrot juice, the feeling of fullness will last long. In a glass of juice for more than 2 grams of protein and fiber, so it is a great snack.

4. Improves skin condition

Thanks to vitamins, A and C, the skin heals faster, produce more collagen in it, and the cells become healthier.

5. Helps control pressure

If you suffer from hypertension, carrot juice will definitely help. Potassium helps to remove the negative effect of salts and keep the pressure under control. Potassium also good for the heart.

6. Helps with stomach problems

Carrot juice helps if puchit stomach: it reduces the amount of gases and promotes normal digestion.

7. Reduces cholesterol

In addition to pressure, carrot juice helps to control cholesterol levels, which beneficially affect the health of the organism as a whole.

If you do not like a carrot in the form of juice, eat it just like that, this option is no worse. But in the juice can be added, for example, cream - and get a full meal for breakfast!