"Pigweed Ivanovna, it is not necessary to undress!". History teachers who seduce their pupils

Hot teacher who seduces his young student - it's probably one of the most popular scenes of adult movies after different variations on the theme of "dirty police officers" and "let's play doctor." However, as the judicial practice, in real life it is far not so rosy, as it demonstrates to the world the porn industry. So, especially for the first of September we will tell you about the most shocking and wild stories that the teacher intended to bear children good and eternal, pleased at the dock for quite neshkolnye relationships with their students.

"Homework - to kill my husband,"

Pamela Smart, 23-year-old teacher, who could not come to terms with his failed marriage, has been quite popular among students. In the past, cheerleader, Pamela could boast quite an attractive appearance, and love of hard rock gave her a lot of common topics for conversation with the male half of the students. It is a common hobby and cramped Woman with a 15-year-old boy by the name of Billy Flynn, and what started out as an innocent-of-class communication, very quickly moved from the school corridors in the bed where Billy lost his virginity with teacher of the song of her favorite rock band.

However, in addition to sex teacher prepared for Billy's yet another no less dirty "homework." Insidious seducer, who has decided to get rid of the unloved husband, and at the same time to lay their hands on his life insurance in the amount of 140 thousand dollars, subtle manipulations and threats "to separate from the body," in case of disobedience to put in the hands of 15-year-old boy a gun. What happened next can be easily guessed. When the police brought Pamela Smart in the clear water, mountain-teacher went to jail while away a life sentence, and Billy Flynn out of places, not really deleted, for the murder of her husband Smart only 55 years old.

Blue whales and some not floated

Another no less sinister school romance ensued between a teacher from New York City named Kara Dickey and her 14-year-old student. But this time, instead of the third murder of excess, the teacher almost has lined boy to kill himself. The next day, after school officials learned of the accident that Kara teaches Man is not entirely to what is necessary, lovers suddenly disappeared from all radars. Kara Dickey found in the car in the parking lot at a supermarket, where the obedient disciple returned with a bottle of rum and a couple of packets of Tylenol (paracetamol) and sleeping pills NyQuil, which all together give a volatile mix, drinking that is already impossible to wake up.

Luckily for everyone who arrived order of police, as they say, is broken to the teacher all the raspberries, and instead of a romantic double suicide of the girl has gone on trial for rape of a minor.

of the classes in a sex shop

As though it may sound surprising, but some lecherous teacher showing interest not only to male students. In 2013, the court found 29-year-old Kelly Ann Garcia guilty of abusing his 16-year-old student. Although Kelly Ann is not even taught in his future victim, she was from the category of those brave girls who are not afraid to take the first step themselves, and invited the 16-year-old schoolgirl in a cafe, where she told about their erotic fantasies with her participation.

According to the investigation, directly from Starbucks couple went to a sex shop to buy an instrument of future crimes. It is not known how long could last for such a relationship, if the girl is not blabbed about her relationship with the teacher of one of her friends, who hastened to report all school administrators, and the treacherous temptress went on trial.

Three Men in a boat, not counting the Viagra

I do not know what it was anointed in his pants at the 16-year-old student from Louisiana, but to seduce him to take just two teacher - 31-year-old Shelley Dufresne and her colleague Rachel Respess, both at the same time. Police arrested the girls learned that Shelley entered into an intimate relationship with a teenager at least 40 times, and thereafter for thrills decided to bring the case to another and his girlfriend Reychal, who worked at the same school. I left right a teachers' meeting. By the way, the fragile psyche of a young man, obviously not sustained harassment by two teachers at once, because the court the girl admitted that fluster boy Viagra, as even the sight of their joint caresses could not provide him sufficient effect. At the moment, the two criminals convicted of sexual abuse of minors.