"Who lives at the bottom of the ocean?" Several creepy findings are found in the deep sea

Since ancient times, man has been obsessed with the ocean and its mysteries. Most of the secrets that keep the ocean water fascinate man and forced to look for treasures sunk ships, explore the depths of the sea for the presence of interesting artifacts and entire sunken cities, as well as a variety of sea monsters, which often describe in some legends.

Despite the fact that today's maritime search operations and technology, thanks to which it is possible to carry out, are much better than a few centuries ago, people explored the oceans is only five percent, and it is unlikely that this figure will increase in the near future. But, despite this, the findings of which take out from the bottom of the sea, very interesting. In this article, we'll show you what people managed to find on the seabed.

1. "Queen Anne's Revenge"

Despite the fact that the ship "Queen Anne's Revenge" was launched in 1710 in England as a modest merchant ship, already in 1711 he was captured by the French and became a ship of slave traders. Six years later, the ship was transferred to the ownership of the infamous pirate named Blackbeard. It was on this ship it to rob, kill and make a lot of different horrifying acts.

In 2013, in the summer, the National Geographic Society reported that a gun was found with the ship "Queen Anne's Revenge," which remained untouched for centuries on the seabed. Gun, although it was not the whole state, is a direct reminder of the terrible deeds of Blackbeard. Undoubtedly, it is an interesting finding, and after restoration it plans to send to the museum.

2. The Antikythera Mechanism

As the Antikythera mechanism was under water, it is impossible to understand. Another mystery is the fact that it was sealed in a wooden box, and the last person to touch it, it's an unknown Greek. However, closer inspection this strange object, many scholars have suggested that the ancient Greeks were much more "advanced" than originally thought about them.

This mechanism is in the historical documents, usually described as "old computer". It was used to track the position of the stars, as well as to know when it should occur eclipse. Found mechanism dated to 205 BC, and it follows that it more than 2,000 years.

3. Lost City

The myths and legends of long lost cities known to us so far. Atlantis is one of the most famous. Due to the history of the place and its legend, it was created by many different documentaries, written books and even a few cartoons removed. In addition, the search for Atlantis engaged in several large and well-funded companies, who organized various expeditions. To date, however, it begins to seem that the lost city - it's just fantastic work created by Plato to explain the dangers of greed and corruption.

In contrast to the lost city of Atlantis, the lost city of Heraklion is certainly real, but it can not be called lost. Heraklion was an Egyptian city and has become one of the most important places in time. Based on historical data, a town in the truest sense of the word "gone" under water, and its ruins have remained untouched for centuries. But thanks to the famous archaeologist Franck Goddio, some of Heraklion debris were found. One of the biggest discoveries Goddio - a huge severed head from a statue of the once great Pharaoh, who apparently thought that this building will stand forever.

Marine aliens

In the last twelve years among ufologists had the impression that the existence of aliens is not limited to the firmament. Some ardent fans of the belief that aliens exist, insist that extraterrestrial life hiding in the deepest and darkest areas of the ocean.

Although some marine biologists do not agree with the assumption that aliens live in the oceans, it is difficult to deny that many of the creatures that lurk in the deep water, are like an extraterrestrial life form. Take, for example, the "glass squid," which dwells so deep under water that even light can not get through there. "Glass squid" is very difficult to find, but on the basis of the photos that made by experienced divers - a transparent creature with tentacles and eyes.