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Today, "Pokrovsky Gates" called classics of Soviet cinema and one of the best films of Mikhail Kozakov. And in those days the comedy predicted failure, the director did not give permission to shoot, and after the film was still shot, he spent several years on the shelf. Today it is difficult to understand the logic by which this wonderful comedy might seem ideologically harmful.

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"Pokrovsky Gates" appeared thanks to the play by Leonid Zorin. First Mikhail Kazakov put on her performance at the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya Street, a few years later decided to make a film. Autobiographical play Zorina seemed very close and understandable, because the author recalled his youthful years in Moscow, describing real people, with whom he met. Almost all the characters in the movie have their prototypes.

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The author of the play by Leonid Zorin said: "I moved to Moscow from the southern city, as stated in" Pokrovsky Gates ", in September 1948. He took off running in the hallway crowded apartment in the house at the Petrovsky Boulevard. There has passed (surprisingly fast) my youth, and the year of its 50th anniversary, I set out to relive it. In winter snow Maleevka wrote "elegiac comedy", which raised the apiary and all who lived in it then. I came up with absolutely nothing, except that the time of action has shifted almost a decade ahead and put their characters "in the vicinity of the Pokrovsky Gates." Camouflage was required, since at that time my characters were still alive. Although there have been and fiction - my Kostik instead of the real housewives got aristocratic aunt. That was the only departure from the strict, almost exactly the protocol. "

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On "Mosfilm" Kozakov enthusiasm was not shared and permission to shoot is not allowed. Both the critics and colleagues saw no prospects, Danelia called script is very unfortunate. To the director was allowed to make a film for television, Danelia advised Kozakov appease the leadership to accept the role of Dzerzhinsky in the "State Border". He agreed, but after that a resolution to the shooting dragged. They managed to get through the actress Sophia Pilyavskaya (who performed the role of Aunt Kostik), who managed to convince the chairman of the USSR Radio and Television.

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Casting also lasted a long time. Cossacks wanted to collect only star cast, he saw as Hobotova Andrei Mironov, as his ex-wife - Natalia Gundareva, and the role of the Sava Ignatievitch even invited Nikita Mikhalkov, but he refused, as he and the script seemed uninteresting and weak. On the role of Kostya auditioned about 20 actors, director until his wife told him not to pay attention to the young actor Oleg Menshikov. Once the actor appeared on the set, the Cossacks realized that he was "in the top ten." He called Menshikov "God's gift" in this movie.

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In the role Hobotova was approved by a little-known television viewers theater actor Anatoly Ravikovitch, who later admitted that the director had behaved on set, like a tyrant: he says, his character, certainly would have rebuffed Margarita Pallne but Kazakov dictated actors every move and every gesture, required to carry out his orders without question and would not tolerate any other interpretations. (And for that, thanks to him!)

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When the work on the "Pokrovsky Gates" was over, the opinion of the critics did not change: a comedy buffoonery seemed to them to the same unfunny. At the premiere of the movie audience in the House received a cool movie. In addition, the management found it ideologically harmful: officials seem strange idea in the early 1980s, in the era of Brezhnev shoot nostalgic film about Moscow the 1950s.. - the times of Khrushchev. And then there's the actress, who played a major role - Elena Korenev - married to a foreigner and moved to the United States. And the film for a few years, "put on a shelf." Cossacks reacted to it with his usual wit: I was sweating the whole year for nothing -

The actress Korenev, frya, gave me an enema.

American and Slavic Whose ancestor was evidently racist, the factory with her affair.

By the marriage he led the Roma and goes frya overseas -

For Pacific okeanchik.

I did two jobs, my friend, she has played roles in two, the title role!

On leaving she gave -

And then ... two of my kin.

As filmed

When Andropov from the film demanded to remove all German frazochki Sawa ( "Natyurlih!", "Fershteyn!"), "Maligned image of a Soviet soldier," when Chernenko also found ideological punctures. Only under Gorbachev finally saw the film audience, but after all the scenes have been cut out with a drink. Nevertheless comedy immediately sold on the quote and truly deserved national love. Spectators are not concurred with the critics and proved to be much more insightful - "Pokrovsky Gates" did not lose its relevance and popularity to this day.