"Makarenko and hallucinogens' or children's TV show that made people stoned

Including their small child another child's TV show, where animated funny little animals sing songs about the alphabet and help to learn colors of the rainbow, many parents literally breathe a sigh of relief. Still, the last in this cruel world of television violence, sex and foul language found a quiet corner of a secure and useful content for the youngest representatives of the younger generation.

However, looking at some of the popular children's TV show, it seems that their creators a little too far with the "Magic Wheel". Today we tell you about the "uporotyh" children's shows that are great for the iconic phrase prominent TV presenter and champion of sobriety Grandfather Panas "Oh, what an unfortunate surprise happened, dear children!".

"Lazy Town" - Iceland

A wonderful children's program, from which fans of a healthy lifestyle and turnichkov will cry tears with protein. The main cartoon character - a girl named Stephanie (man), and she comes to visit her uncle, who is actually a wooden doll. This fact alone already generates a lot of discussion about who is in the nature of a poor Stephanie was a log. Further more. Stephanie girl calls her new friends, who are also dolls, engage in active sports, and the main villain by the name of Robbie Rotten insidiously trying to convince residents of the town to eat unhealthy fatty foods. Iceland for healthy lifestyle!

"Teletubbies" - Kingdom

The foreign press has long been rumored that "Teletubbies", which many Russian viewers initially seem a little strange to have been created by geniuses "BBC" do not without the help of drugs. I do not know how you can believe the words of the former producer of the show by the name of Sarah Graham, who said that for the development of original thinking employees who worked on this program that allows to use cocaine and heroin, but you just look at this video. What is this creature? Why do they have on their bellies TV screens? What is that terrible voice overs? Why does the sun baby's face?

"Vegetable history" - the United States and South Korea

What could be more bizarre than anthropomorphic vegetables without hands, who play a musical instrument? Only anthropomorphic vegetables without hands that play instruments and preach biblical values.

"Shima Shima Tora no Shimajiro" - Japan

The Japanese children's TV show, whose name is so plainly, and not transferred to any Russian or in English (but literally turns extremely mysterious and meaningful "Naked Island Tiger Shimadzhiro") turned out to be quite popular, but it is no less strange. Frankly, we did not have enough on it to see more than one episode of this masterpiece, but what we saw was enough. In this series, the very "Naked Tiger Shimadzhiro" learn how to use the toilet. Parents sing a cheerful song that they need little son of a small need, toilet smiles at him, and cordially invites to make a "wee", and when this is the "wee" washed down the drain, happily says "Yuyuyuhu!".

"The lessons of biblical scholarship for young Christians" - USA

The American children's show called "Lessons of biblical scholarship for young Christians" (Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson) - this is the case, which is able to blow up the brain even seasoned lover of LSD. The main characters of the transmission - a doll named black boy Chip, which looks a little worse than the famous logo of the TV channel "VID", an unnamed man, who does not know how to sing or play guitar, but it still does, and singing panda teddy-Eddy . In addition to the "lessons of biblical science" the trio regularly reminds his young audience that "the drugs - it's bad." Yes, exactly: "Remember, kids, drugs - it is bad, do not take drugs!". However, it seems that the only ones who are taking drugs were themselves writers.

"Pioneers of Tomorrow" - Palestine

There really bad. The names of the episodes of this great gear for young Muslims sound in the style of "Farfur and AK-47." The girl in hijab named Sarah talks about anti-Semitism and the American aggression. At the end of the three main characters - the Islamic Mickey Mouse Farfur, bumblebee-Mujahid Nahul wounded in the head and rabbit Assud - killed in the war against the Israeli army and become martyrs of Allah.