"Please wait, loading Skynet ...» or a few horror stories about robots that kill people

Certainly, many of our readers at the time managed to see the cult movie "The Terminator", where an insidious network "Skynet" to unleash a nuclear war in an attempt to enslave humanity and send the crowd got into the habit of ruthless and heavily armed cyborgs to settle accounts with the last islands of the human resistance.

Since the release of the famous film crazed killer robots have taken their rightful place in the proud ranks of science fiction horror stories, firmly consolidating its position next to the ghosts, vampires, space aliens, zombies, Nazis and a snowman.

However, as practice shows, some modern robots really have time to stain its steel limb human blood, frankly spit on all the three laws of robotics, Isaac Asimov, and showing as much as two middle fingers of his right hinge. So, especially for those of our readers who are still not completely confident in the safety and friendliness of our new cyber friends, we decided to prepare today's selection is absolutely the real stories of killer robots, which at the time of Sarah Connor was not found.

True Grit

Agree, in the 21st century very few people can scare or shock the news of accidents at work, but, dear readers, how do you like this turn? In 2001, one of the robots are installed on the assembly line of the automobile plant in Ohio, he strangled an employee of the enterprise its own metal hands.

The man, whose name was not reported, finished to clean up their workplace at the end of shifts and accidentally entered the zone of the automatic manipulators that by mistake has not been turned off for the night. The robot, which sensors detect motion, decided that in front of him is another automotive parts for assembly, and suddenly came to life, clutching hapless worker's neck. By the time the handler had repeatedly drilled his body and ram head down under the rim of the wheel, man, luckily for him, he had already suffocated in flight.

software error

Probably each of us from time to time have to deal with annoying glitches, bugs, hang and other software errors, which at times make embittered member seriously think about, not to send whether to your system unit in a small picturesque flight from the tenth floor window.

However, all our files accidentally deleted and treacherous flash blue "screen of death" inevitably pales against the background of the consequences that entails an unexpected software crash of military equipment. In 2007, soldiers of the Defense Ministry of South Africa had unplanned engage the automatic robotic cannon, which is due to a software failure during the exercise opened fire on a military real live ammunition. By the time the gun was able to neutralize, only one mad robot managed to kill nine and wounding fourteen soldiers of the local elite unit that no matter how subtly alludes to the fact that without Sarah Connor chances of survival in the case of vehicles of attack, we still do not sight.

Welcome to the slaughterhouse

Another violent death at the hands of the robot suffered a contractor in the state of Colorado, whose administration has hired a local abattoir for minor repairs in the workplace. Unlucky contractor who excessively carried away performing their workload is not noticed as was the zone of the automatic loader which is gripped by the collar poor laborer and flung it on the conveyor belt. The man, who at the time of the tragedy was in the room alone, fainted from the shock, and, according to records from surveillance cameras, it came to only a few seconds before he took into his arms the huge industrial grinder.

Medical error

The surgical robots that allow doctors to carry out complex operations that require high precision, has become one of the major breakthroughs in medicine of the 21st century. However, as the disappointing statistics, even cold-blooded machines are not immune to medical errors. In just five years, from 2003 to 2008 surgical robots have killed more than 144 patients on the operating table, of which the most terrible death, perhaps caught a man who badly mounted robot fell directly into an open wound.