"Change is always for the better!". The most famous cases of sex change

sex change theme has repeatedly touched upon in society, and we have decided today to tell you, our dear readers, the most famous cases of transformation of man into a woman and from a woman into a man. It is very strange that many people are very aggressive to those who decided to change their gender, because, after all, is a personal matter.

But let's not about the bad and just get down to the main part of this article. So, especially nervous is better to skip it past your eyes, and it is great option that your seat nachnetizvergat fire of resentment, anger and uncontrollable aggression against us. If anything, we have been warned! So let's start!

Sona Avedian

Former US Marine Matthew recently undergone an amazing transformation after taking hormone replacement therapy. This is quite a serious step man decided after one day realized he could no longer live in the body, where he was born. Matthew knew since childhood, he did not like his looks and does not understand why he had been born a man, not a woman. He liked to dress in women's clothes, paint and act like a lady, but then, at such a young age, the guy realized that to become a full-fledged woman is not really for him. Radically change their lives the man decided to 33 years of age, and, thanks to a sex change, Matthew has turned into a beautiful Sonu Avedian. Former Marine before reincarnated as a woman, visited six times in Afghanistan and Iraq, managed to marry and have a baby. It is clear that Matthew's wife did not appreciate such a change here "image" of her husband and left him, but he stayed with her daughter in a beautiful way. Currently Sona lives in Austin, Texas.

Buck Angel

A well-known figure in the community LGBT - Buck Angel, 45-year-old film maker and transsexual. Although he is now working successfully in the world of porn, he admits that reincarnated from a woman into a man was extremely hard and difficult for him. Prior to becoming a man, Buck worked famous female models, photos of which enjoyed great success among the magazines for which she starred. But despite the fact that a woman has had great success in the modeling industry, her body was totally not what she wanted to see him in the mirror. But to abandon the business model, which brought her a stable good income, it was not difficult. Over time, after taking hormone replacement therapy, the light was "born" Buck Angel, who is currently co-starred in numerous adult films. In 2007, a man was the winner in the nomination "Best Actor transgender" according to a popular porn site. To date, Buck is an ardent advocate of the LGBT community, teacher, educator and writer.

Talita Zampirolli

Talita Zampirolli is one of the most sought after models transsexual originally from Brazil. At the moment, this hot babe 24 years old, and she is a student of the Faculty of Industrial Design and the model. The story of this girl is different from the previous two in that it is completely without problems changed her sex at 18. At that time, Man was supported by parents and friends. They are fully aware that their children and others in need in the operation, because from an early age he expressed his desire to change his sex and become a full-fledged woman. The operation was the guy paid his own grandmother.

Rocco Kayatos

Rocco Kayatos better known under the pseudonym "Katastrophe" in the world of hip-hop, is an American rapper and music producer. He was the first person from the world of hip-hop, who openly admitted that he was transgender.

Balian Buschbaum

Balian Buschbaum was born a girl, whose name was Yvonne Bushbaum. She was a pole vaulter in Germany and in the same competition was even awarded for the best pole vault. But sports career she did not work due to an injury, and soon she was gone from the world of sport. Shortly thereafter, Yvonne publicly admitted the media that wish to change their sex and transfer transplant penis. In 2008, the operation was successfully done and Yvonne Bushbaum became Balian Bushbaumom.

Karen Scott Udall

56-year-old teacher Gary Skonk shook the entire student body, when he announced that receives hormone therapy to become Karen Scott Adell. Gary (Karen) had a remarkable career teacher and worked in this profession for almost for 24 years. Not hard to imagine that Skonk lost many when he said that he wanted to become a woman. He lost half of his close friends and his wife due to the fact, that turned into a woman. It is gratifying to know that he has received a lot of support on the part of students, administrators, and fellow teachers.

Loren Cameron

Loren Rex Cameron - transgender activist, writer and photographer. He specializes in portraiture and self-portraits. His photograph aims to show ordinary people how to look at the fact the body of a transsexual.