"Love for the whole life? Yeah, I'll sing! "Or a few reasons why guys do not like a serious relationship

A serious relationship, it is primarily responsible step that many do not go. "Candy buketny" period is not very long, given that in most cases, many girls have a couple of months the relationship begin to not just allude, specifically to talk about, say, whether it's time to start living together and so on, etc.

Some guys just do not like a serious relationship, and they have some good reason, about which we will talk today with you. Probably, some of the following reasons will seem strange and incomprehensible, but, despite this, most guys will agree with what is written below.

He does not want to lose yourself

When the two meet, and they realize that they love each other, then begins, as they say in common, "candy buketny period." Rose-colored glasses just stick to the whites of the eyes, and the man did not see anything or anyone other than her new lover or beloved. Yes, it is a fact, and each of us went through it. But when it takes a little time, there comes a moment when you start to share with your partner a variety of secret thoughts, desires, dreams, goals, and so on. That is, you open up to each other and tell their partner about the individual. A lot of guys avoid relationships because they are afraid to lose yourself. They do not want to give up their hobbies, no interests, desires, aspirations, but sometimes it is necessary in a relationship for the sake of its second half. In addition, nobody canceled the private space, but sometimes you have to sacrifice them too. Personal space is very important for any person. Absolutely any guy who is in a relationship, wants to have time to ensure that it can properly communicate with your friends and take a break from everyone, including his girlfriend. However, relations are very time consuming, and girls are more picky and do not let their pious anywhere, thereby cutting off the opportunity to be alone and relax.

He has no more free time

is sometimes necessary to stay any person alone. Given the current frantic pace of life, take a break from all your worries, and tune in the desired fashion is essential. Some would prefer to be left alone and not to enter into a relationship where their time is controlled by the second half well. Sometimes this problem can be solved by simply explaining to his beloved lady of the heart, that I want to be alone from time to time and take a break from everything, but, alas, it does not always work. Many of the girls immediately offended and Psyche, thus exposing Man somehow a traitor who does not love her.

Too much gossip

The women have a tendency to gossip, but most guys do not deal with such things. No normal young man does not want a girl who is known to all his friends as the most that neither is a real gossip. If a guy notices for his other half, which she dismisses various rumors and says nasty things about people behind their backs, he may well want to sever the relationship and get rid of such a talkative girl forever.

Too many emotions

Girls by nature highly emotional beings (not all of course) but still. Their mood can ride every half an hour, and it may be that the hysterics, the unbridled joy. Yes, it is, and not every young person can deal with this avalanche of emotions that came down on him every hour. This is a real problem, because I do not know what the next moment, roughly speaking, banging in her head, and like yourself at the same time is necessary to conduct. There is likely a problem two. The guy knew initially, whom he chose, and probably realized that the relationship with such an unstable personality construct would be extremely difficult if you do not calm like a tank, or not the same crazy as she is. It is due to the fact that the guy sees that in fact it is a girl, and a pair diverge. Very few who need a girl who can not control their emotions.

constant jealousy

Jealousy in a relationship - it is a problem out there who would not say that. The girls are just jealous paranoia. These individuals usually are not sure of themselves and their relationships, which forces them to watch every move, phone calls and so on their loved one. Most guys just do not want to deal with this type of girls. The guy wants to be trusted, not jealous of each post.

Fear of relationships, for whatever reason,

Some guys just hate relationship, because they are afraid of them. They like the lonely life, and they do not particularly want to take on something or someone responsible. These guys are still trying to build a relationship, but when something starts to be afoot, they just run away.