"Pearl of the Sea" on the Turkish coast

• "Pearl of the Sea" on the Turkish coast

Marmaris is located on the coast of Turkey, about an hour's drive from Dalaman International Airport. His start this amazing resort city takes in the 6th century BC. e. Translated "Marmaris" means "pearl of the sea", and in fact it really is. Marmaris - it is also a port city that is located on the border of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas.

This resort town attracts tourists from all over the world not only for its high quality hotel with a European level of service and entertainment, but also a long coastline on which the bay and marina, which enables travelers to enjoy the comfort of the marine stroll. Importantly, Marmaris is one of the environmentally friendly resorts in Turkey. And he reached this level, because of the scent of incense trees, which is literally in the air.

Marmaris annually receives thousands of tourists from around the world who come here not only to relax on the beach and swim in the sea, but also to see the local sights, which in Marmaris very much. So, let's get to the main part of this article, in which we will tell you about the sights of this truly amazing city resort.

Pier Marmaris

Quay in Marmaris stretched for 14 kilometers, making it possible to accommodate a variety of nightclubs, restaurants and cafes, shops with souvenirs, cinema, water park and amusement park. When the day ends in the town of excursion programs, the promenade is just beginning to wake up. By the way, this promenade is the longest in Turkey than unspeakably proud locals. Gourmet fine dining there are open, who can surprise the combination of European cuisine with Turkish and Ottoman traditions. Be sure to visit one of them. The interior of the restaurant on the waterfront in Marmaris, you will always win.

Kaunos. City Memory

Caunos is an ancient city, located in the Bay of Dalyan River, and is located 20 km from Marmaris. Those who are interested in history, and who are interested in culture, will be very exciting to see the ruins of the temples and the surviving walls of Kaunos, which incorporates the various historical periods. The main attraction of this ancient city is the Acropolis, at the foot of which the theater is located. In Kaunos you can find many ruins of temples and see the so-called Hall of Fame, in which the pedestals are the ancient Greek gods.

Bazaar Bedesten

No traveler can not ignore this market. It is here focused stores, retail shops and urban boutiques. Bedesten Bazaar is famous for the fact that this is where concentrated unique Turkish products, and the market is an architectural monument and is an amazing place that is able to tell us about the long history of Marmaris. Besides boutiques Bedesten can offer the traveler to choose to your taste jewelry and porcelain products and handmade items that were made masters of Turkish folk crafts. It is worth noting that at this bazaar traveler can find pine and pine honey, that does not cost too much to someone who knows how a good bargain.

Caravanserai of Sultan Hafsa

The old town of Marmaris is full of various attractions and one of them - it's Caravanserai of Sultan Hafsa. Initially, the "Caravanserai" is a temporary shelter for pilgrims and soldiers. Caravanserai served as a temporary refuge, which could regain strength before the trip and have a snack. It built this building in 1545. Today near Caravanserai are numerous artisan shops where locals offer tourists souvenirs, hand made in the finest Turkish tradition. Completely surrounded by cozy cafes and restaurants that will please a wide range of national dishes.

If you do decide to visit such an interesting and at the same time a great place, it obviously can not go wrong. Here you can relax as the children, and together.